Does Air Duct Cleaning Make A Mess in House

Why Does Air Duct Cleaning Make A Mess In Your House?

There are many myths about air duct cleaning which portrays it in a negative light. However, most of them are false. Air duct cleaning, in fact, is a much-needed chore that you should carry out regularly. You can get rid of debris, mold, germs, and pests by air duct cleaning, hence the quality of indoor air improves.

But, does air duct cleaning make a mess? Yes, it does. Cleaning anything creates at least a small amount of mess. Air duct isn’t an exception to this case. And then air ducts are all placed over your home. So, when you clean them using a high suction machine, you will see some debris and dust inside your home. 

When you hire a good professional air duct cleaning company, they make sure to reduce the amount of mess produced in your home.      

What Causes The Mess?

Don’t clean your air ducts on your own as you don’t have any training or knowledge on cleaning them. Or you will end up making a lot of mess in your home. Especially since air duct cleaning involves the usage of powerful equipment to blow and suck the debris and dirt from inside the air duct.

Now the air ducts are connected to air vents, and during the cleaning process, the debris will come out of all the air vents. Hence, your entire home will feel dusty. But since air duct cleaning is necessary, you can hire professional air duct cleaners to do the cleaning. Plus, they won’t produce much waste.   

How Do Professionals Avoid Creating Mess During Air Duct Cleaning?

Most professionals use the negative pressure method. So, they attach a strong vacuum into the mainline. Then, as the whole air duct is under negative pressure, professionals will go to each room, one at a time, and move debris from that branch line to the mainline, and from where it is removed by the vacuum.

Professionals Avoid Creating Mess During Air Duct Cleaning

This negative pressure method helps to reduce the blow-back of dust during the duct cleaning. The pressure exerted is so high, that all the debris flows directly into the mainline. Further, vent covers also contribute significantly to this process, by creating more suction and stopping the dust to exist from them.  

However, this is not a full-proof plan. In case the air vents are extremely unclean, there is a possibility that some amount of dust will come out of them. But the amount will be extremely small so that it won’t create a lot of mess, and the professionals will clean them up once they are done with cleaning the air ducts.

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