Which are the best natural upholstery cleaning products?

Which are the best natural upholstery cleaning products_

Every homeowner expects to keep their home fresh, clean, and germ-free so they can spend most of their time in the healthiest surroundings. The majority of people prefer using harsh commercial cleaning solutions and chemicals to get an instant fresh smelling atmosphere. And actually, you can instantly smell the chemicals in these cleaners the next second you open the bottle. In fact, there is a sticker on the bottle which warns you to avoid any contact with eyes and skin, do make sure you don’t breathe the fumes, and wear a glove.

What is so special about Natural Upholstery Cleaning Products?

Nowadays, many people have started using more organic and green cleaning products to clean their homes. But, buying organic cleaning products can get very expensive, sometimes more than their commercial counterparts. Luckily, you don’t need to purchase either, you can make your own eco-friendly cleaning products that are truly organic and safe. It will not only save the health of your family but also the environment.

Utilizing self-made natural green cleaning solutions will give your home an eco-friendly cleaning that is powerful as well as gentle, minus the toxic fumes and harsh chemicals. Look under your sink or in the pantry for more nontoxic and economical ingredients that go either alone or combined solution to make your home shiny and clean.

Here we have shared five naturally organic products that can be found in your kitchen that can do a great job of cleaning without the help of chemicals.


White vinegar is well known for its dissolving property and it makes the ideal surface cleaner in the kitchen as well as the bathroom. It is a strong cleaning agent due to its antibacterial effect and acidic nature.

Lemon Juice

Did you ever notice how many commercial brand cleaning solutions include lemon in their product? There’s a simple reason behind that. Lemon juice can effectively kill the mold and quickly cuts through grease to leave a fresh, streak-free shine. It is proved that if you combine natural lemon juice and vinegar and/or olive oil to develop a tough cleaning solution that leaves a natural smelling scent behind in the room.


As we all know salt is a natural resource, gentle abrasive, and disinfectant. It’s usually used to clean kitchen utensils and cleaning drains. When added with baking soda, it can easily cut through grease. It can also whiten discolored cutting boards if utilized with cool water as a regular scrub.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and offers an abrasive quality that outperforms other toxic powdered commercial cleaners. You can use it on various surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom to effectively remove the stains and even clean grimy ovens from inside. Additionally, adding salt to baking soda gives it an extra boost of scrubbing power.

While there some antibacterial spray cleaners and fabric softeners available in the market which helps in making the room and clothes smell fresh. They contain toxic quaternary ammonium compounds, which is known for causing asthma or other health issues. Natural upholstery cleaning agents are better for both you as well as the environment. Make sure you use organic carpet cleaners to support the health of your family.

These are natural products that can be found in your kitchen and can give an ideal cleaning to your upholstery. Follow us on Facebook, and Twitter to get natural cleaning tips. If you are in need of upholstery cleaning, call us we provide the best upholstery cleaning in Florida. My Cleaner professionals have years of experience in upholstery cleaning and prefer to use natural upholstery cleaning products.

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