What Are Some Of The Symptoms Of Blocked Air Ducts As Described By Our Experts?

What Are Some Of The Symptoms Of Blocked Air Ducts As Described By Our Experts?

Air ducts of your HVAC system help in proper airflow. But when it clogs up, it can affect not only your system’s efficiency but also the indoor air. At Call My Carpet Cleaner, we always encourage keeping them clear from all the blockages for easy flow of air.

But how do you know if your air ducts are clogged? Here are some signs of clogged air ducts described by our experts to help you identify them easily.

7 Symptoms Your Air Ducts Are Clogged

1. Dirty Air Vent Covers

When the air duct has dirt and debris, it will pass the dirty air through your vent covers. That dirt gets stuck to the vent covers. We suggest taking a check around all the vent covers. If you see visible dirt covered around them, it means your air ducts are clogged from the inside and need cleaning.

2. Restricted Or Less Airflow

As mentioned, air ducts pass the air in and out of your home. And when there is a blockage in your ducts, it will not let the air pass through it completely. Blocked airflow is one of the common air duct issues homeowners face.

So, if you notice less air coming out of your HVAC, especially in some parts of your home, our experts warn that it’s a clear sign of clogged air ducts. Further, you may even notice that the heating and cooling in your home is uneven. That is also a sign of improper airflow due to blockage.

3. High Energy Bills

When any part of your HVAC system is not in a tip-top state, your system has to work harder to function properly. So if you have clogged air ducts, it will restrict the airflow and heat the system more.

And because the system works harder and slower, it will consume more energy than in a normal state. That makes an unusual spike in your electricity bills. If you notice high energy bills and slow working, it means the ducts are clogged and it’s time to consider air duct cleaning.

4. Dirty Air Spread From Vents

Have you noticed your HVAC throwing dusty air when you turn it on? This happens when the ducts that pass the air into your home are filled with dust which is spread into your home when it starts working.

5. Increased Allergy Issues

Air ducts clogged with dirt spread pollutants throughout your home. That will pollute the air that you breathe and can cause allergies. So, if you notice that your family has started having allergies or if they are getting worse, it’s yet another sign that your air ducts are blocked and need clean-up.

We recommend immediate air duct cleaning in such cases as it affects health.

6. Odors From The Duct

When the dirt, dust, debris, etc., remain for a long time in your ductwork, it will start stinking. If you notice a musty odor coming right from your air ducts or near your air filters, it indicates that your ductwork is filled with debris and blockage that needs cleaning.

7. Mold Growth And Insects

With humidity in your air and the build-up of dirt inside the ducts, it is possible for mold and mildew to grow and insects to house in your ducts. You can check for any back spots around the duct’s opening and the presence of rodents. If that is so, mold and insects are inside your ducts and blocking the airflow.


Dirty vent covers, improper airflow, the system running slowly, high energy bills, dirty air from the ducts, and allergies, odor, or mold growth are clear signs that your air ducts are clogged.

If you have noticed any of the above symptoms, we highly suggest getting them cleaned by our air duct cleaning experts to ensure the proper working of your system and better indoor air.

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