Ways To Remove Mold Smell From Dryer Vents

Ways To Remove Mold Smell From Dryer Vents

Mold is a fungus that grows in a place that has a high moisture percentage. One such place at home is the dryer and the dryer vent. So, there is no surprise that your laundry room suddenly starts smelling murky.

To get rid of them, learn different ways to remove mold smell from dryer vents.

How Do You Get The Musty Smell Out of A Tumble Dryer?

⇒ To start the dryer vent cleaning process, first, proceed with inspecting the area around your dryer. The next step is to unplug the dryer and push it away from the wall. This way you can have a clear look at the situation behind and underneath it.

⇒ If you notice mold patches on the wall, spray bleach on it and then clean it off with paper towels to remove them. Please remember to wear hand gloves, a face mask, and eye goggles to keep you safe from mold spores.

⇒ Check the hose of the dryer vent to know if there is some lint stuck there. Now, remove the vent and hose use a vacuum cleaner to extract out all the gunk from the dryer vent.

⇒ You should also clean the dryer vent’s lint trap and mesh screen. Use hot water mixed with either vinegar or bleach. After washing them, let them dry.

⇒ To ensure complete removal of mold smell from the dryer vent, clean the around the trap too.

⇒ Now, to clean the inside of the vent, mix a cup of bleach with one gallon of water. Next, pour the cleaning solution on the sponge and use it to scrub the insides of the vent. Try to clean all the crevices to remove all the trapped lint. Once scrubbed, let it air dry.

⇒ The last step is to take a plain cloth soaked in cold water and a large amount of baking soda. Now, use this soaked cloth to clean the dryer while it is on its lowest setting. This will completely remove any mold, vinegar, or bleach smell from the dryer.

Why Let Professionals Handle Moldy Dryer Vents?

Mold spores are hard to clean and if done incorrectly, they spread to other places too. So, while your objective is to remove mold smell from dryer vents, you may not be able to achieve it. That is why professional dryer vent cleaning is essential. Experts clean the mold and its smell more effectively than doing it yourself.

If you are tired of this nasty smell coming from your dryer vents, then call My Cleaner in Cape Coral to get rid of them. Our professional dryer vent cleaners will remove the root cause of the problem and clean the insides of the vent for you. Hence, your home and clothes will smell fresh and clean.

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