Vehicle Odor Removal & Sanitizing Cape Coral

The Ultimate Odor Removal Solution For Any Vehicle – Cars, Trucks & RV’s

We offer the ultimate service and solution for permanently eliminating the toughest vehicle interior and the A/C system odors.

My Cleaners professionals never mask odors and the results are permanent. We never use harsh chemicals and our solutions are safe for upholstery, leathers, fabrics, and other materials.

We use proprietary, patented, EPA Registered solution to permanently remove the germs, viruses, and bacteria that cause odors.

Vehicle Odor Removal Services
Give us your worst smelling vehicle and within an hour, we will give back a clean smelling, odor, and bacteria-free vehicle. Get peace of mind with an OdorMD® used car treatment. Our solutions are safe and non-corrosive. We never cover up or mask odors. We eliminate them at their source.

Every Odor In Any Vehicle Removed… 100% Guaranteed!

  • Same Day Service
  • One Hour Turn-Around
  • No Returning Odors
  • Eliminate Resell Concerns
  • Increase Vehicle Resell Value
  • EPA Registered, Patented Solution
  • Will Not Stain, Bleach or Discolor Fabrics or Leathers

We Eliminate Used Vehicle Odors Including:

  • Embedded smoke odors from cigarettes, tobacco & other sources
  • Pet odors of all kinds
  • Bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold & mildew odors
  • Human odors
  • Accidental food spills (including curry & seafood)
  • Diesel fuel & gasoline odors
  • and more…

Too often, service providers utilize ozone, CLO2, or other foul-smelling odor bombs that don’t work and in some cases, make the problem worse.

OdorMD® Certified

Eliminate Customer Complaints From Odor Bombs, Chlorine Dioxide Fogging, Ozonation/Ionization, Deodorizers And Masking Agents.

That’s where our odor elimination services come in. The OdorMD® certified odor removal and sanitizing service can remove all odors in any type of vehicle – Autos, Vans, Buses, Trucks, Semi Cabs, SUV’s, RV’s, all types of Watercraft – 100% of the time – Guaranteed.

Vehicle Odor Removal & Sanitizing Cape Coral
Most vehicles can be fully treated and ready to go on the lot or ready to deliver in less than one hour.

Our Odor Removal and Sanitizing System utilize an advanced ULV delivery protocol that gets everywhere (even throughout the air conditioning and vent systems) to remove harmful germs, bacteria, odors, allergens, and contaminants without leaving any harmful residues.


EPA Registered & Safe Solutions

Our solutions are patented, USA EPA Gold Seal registered, USA FDA Approved, hold the highest efficacy in their class, are water-based, non-corrosive, Human and Animal safe, and offer up to a 99.99999% log kill of odor-causing bacteria.

Even delicate surfaces and the heating and cooling systems can be sanitized against a multitude of germs, allergens, odors, and indoor contaminants in a fraction of the time and with the highest degree of effectiveness.