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upholstery cleaning by my cleaners

Steam cleaning is the best way to clean your upholstery. Steam cleaning can easily remove dirt and stains from your couch and other upholstered furniture. Chair, ottomans, sectionals, and sofa steam cleaning is fairly simple with the appropriate equipment and with little but proper knowledge. My Cleaner experts have shared their best advice on how to steam clean other upholstery in your home.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning Couch Upholstery

Your upholstery can be free from dirt and stains if you use steam cleaning. Steam cleaning can make your upholstery clean and attractive. This is also helpful in expanding the life of the upholstered furniture. Steam Cleaning is a great option for upholstery cleaning because it uses water to generate steam to clean the fabric, and the most important and great thing is it do not require chemicals. However, some steam cleaning machines can be used with a cleaning solution developed specifically for use in a steamer. This may be a great option to consider if you need to eliminate dirt, stain as well as odor. But in case anyone in your house has fragrance allergies or using only steam may be the ideal option.

How to steam clean your upholstered furniture

Firstly, prepare steam cleaning materials as per the furniture requirements. The “S” code means the fabric should be cleaned using a solvent based cleaner, make sure you do not steam clean it. Don’t worry this code will be available on your upholstered furniture itself. There will be a small tag having all the required information. If your furniture cleaning code is “W” then it means you can go with steam cleaning. Make sure you first test on a hidden area before cleaning a large area.

Then prepare your upholstered furniture such as a couch, sofa, and other furniture for cleaning by vacuuming first to remove any loose particulates and pet hair. Follow the instructions on your steam cleaner to prep the machine. The steam machine should have at least 150-degree Fahrenheit to sanitize and at least 212-degree Fahrenheit to disinfect the surface of the upholstery. Steam clean sofa fabric and couch upholstery by starting at the top of the furniture and bringing in the downward direction. Rotate the steamer over a small section of the couch very slowly, by spending at least 30 to 40 seconds on each area. Leave the couch to thoroughly dry before reusing it.

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