Tips to Remove Cooking Odor 2018

Tips to Remove Cooking Odor 2018

What you do when you have planned to sell your house, but your real estate agent tells you that it smells very badly with cooking odors? You might think that a good professional cleaning would do the trick. Sadly, that is not enough. Cooking odors get trapped in appliances, ventilation systems, walls and ceiling, carpet, nooks, and crannies. So, what most homeowners do? There are many similar answers.

Some spend thousands of dollars to eliminate the odors. They do cleaning, painting, replacement of appliances, replacement of flooring, cleaning of the ventilation system, replacement of HVAC system, and more. Others take another approach to avoid that up-front expense.

These homeowners clean and then try to cover the odors with room fresheners. Most people who come through their home and they detect the smell on the spot and reject the house. Finally, the homeowner finds a buyer who is ready to buy the house, odor and all, at a much-reduced price. Therefore, the homeowner is at a loss of tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue from the sale.

Here are quick tips to get rid of cooking smells

Keep bedroom and closet door closed while cooking

Fabrics absorb grease and odors very quickly and cannot be cleaned with a quick wipe-down the way hard surfaces can. Close your bedroom and closet door before cooking anything smelly or greasy ensures that you will not have to fall asleep in a bed that smells like bacon.

Ventilate it

The best way to avoid odor is to remove them outside as fast as possible. If you have installed a vent over your stove, use it! Otherwise, AC or air filters can eliminate greasy cooking smells from the air. Opening windows will also help, especially if you can set up a fan pointing out the window, to push odors outside.

Clean it as fast as possible

Clean the splatters on the stove and countertop, and wash all greasy cooking pans as fast as possible. There is nothing worse than waking up to a pan full of stinking oil sitting on the stove.

Simmer your favorite spices.

Pleasing smelling whole spices like cinnamon sticks, cloves, and citrus peels can be simmered in some water on the stove for an all-natural air freshener that masks any lingering cooking odors.

Leave a bowl of vinegar, baking soda, or coffee grounds on the counter overnight

To remove stubborn odors, leave a small bowl on the counter filled with white vinegar, baking soda before you go to bed. Any of the three will naturally dissipate any remaining cooking smells by morning.

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