An office is a commercial place where you can observe the high movement of traffic that causes dust and footprints on the floor. Cleaning the floor and other areas with a chemical solvent can damage the surface and cause discoloration in tiles and grout.

Therefore, it is very important to learn a few eco-friendly office cleaning tips to get a cleaner, greener and healthier office environment for you and your co-workers.

Steps to Implement Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning

1. Steam The Surface

For carpet and deep cleaning of floors, steam cleaning can be very beneficial. Moreover, there are companies using toxic chemicals, which pollute water and can damage the floor. Hire the best cleaner for your workplace and make sure they use the power of pure steam. This method is the safest and eco-friendly for office cleaning.

Office Cleaning

2. Use Non-Toxic Chemicals

If you have special staff to maintain hygiene at your workplace, then ask them to check toxic chemicals in the spray bottles as they clean the desk and other spaces. Also, while hiring you can ask professionals to choose the best eco-friendly cleaner for your office. Excessive perfumes and toxic can harm the health of employees.

3. Improve Air Quality

The use of dirty HVAC systems and air conditioners at offices can increase health issues like asthma, allergens and bad odors. Therefore, ensure to check all windows, air conditioners as air particles get trapped into it. This is the best way to perform an eco-friendly office cleaning yourself. Else, get your office air duct cleaned every six months by professionals.


Educate your employees to come up with new ideas to reduce waste and garbage at the workplace. Keeping your workplace clean will ensure you a healthy work-life for staff and it can result in increased productivity.

But if you do not have time to focus on the hygiene of the workplace, you can always hire professionals like My Cleaner. We have years of expertise in cleaning commercial buildings and offices with eco-friendly products.

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