Simple Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Living Room Aesthetics

Simple Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Living Room Aesthetics

When it comes to decorating your house, the living room is arguably the most important one. After all, it is the space where you entertain friends and other guests, and it’s also where the family spends quality time in their leisure hours.

So, it will hardly be an exaggeration to call it the social hub of the house.

No matter how messy or unkempt the other rooms are, you cannot afford to keep your living room in a disorderly state. Besides, the living room is also a reflection of your tastes and personality. Read on to discover how you can ensure that your living room looks aesthetically pleasing through simple, hassle-free tips.

10 Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Living Room Aesthetics

Keep The Clutter Out Of Sight:

Are you messy? Well, closed storage solutions can come to your rescue. Go for media storage units that come with shelves at the top and closed cabinets at the bottom.

Furniture that serves double duty can be highly beneficial for you; we’re talking about ottomans or end tables that also serve the purpose of storage containers or TV units doubling as drawers.

Don’t Underestimate Minimalistic Areas:

Not everyone is fond of minimalism, but it undeniably plays an enormous role in lending a more organized look to your space.

Carve out small areas and ensure that they are clean and sparsely filled.

For example, you can start by clearing out a few spots on the bookshelf or the TV stand to display only a few tastefully arranged objects.

Keep Your Media Organized:

Plan dedicated areas to keep your magazines, books, and DVDs. This not only makes the room more organized but also makes it easier to find that one particular DVD from a huge stack.

TV stands and TV units are also great places where you can organize such things.

Leverage Vertical Space:

Vertical space is an essential element if you’re looking to keep your living room clean and organized.

For example, buying storage units that go up to the ceiling means you won’t waste any space.

Make Sure Your Coffee Table Is Visible:

There’s hardly a soul out there who doesn’t utilize flat surfaces as landing zones for keys, mail, etc. Try to get hold of a tray to contain these items, besides remotes and other similar objects.

You can also tuck in baskets underneath the coffee table to hold soft toys, DVDs, etc. Once the top of your coffee table is clean, the rest of the space will automatically look more organized.

Make The Most Of Underutilized Space:

There’s no point in keeping a corner in your room that lies entirely or even partially unutilized.

Corner shelves are a great idea to impart functionality to any such corner which might seem to be redundant. Installing triangular shelves will enable you to use that extra storage or display space.

A Wastebasket Is a Must-have:

If you think a living room does not need a wastebasket, think again. Trash can work wonders for your space, especially if you or your family members have the habit of leaving empty wrappers or useless papers around. You only need to be careful about the style you choose, as it should be in sync with the aesthetics of the room and not look out of place. You also need to empty it regularly.

Have Some Intentions While Decorating Your Living Room Space:

Anyone can stack a pile of books on the shelf randomly, but how will it help your cause?

Why not try and arrange the books by color instead?

You can also consider placing some horizontally and some in vertical piles. Additionally, you can go for wall art that complements the overall theme of the room. Instead of scattering different pieces around the place, you can display collections in groupings.

Nurture The Habit Of Tidying Things In The Morning:

Are you normally up early?

Great, make it a morning ritual to put things away, be it those shoes you had kicked off, the blankets that lie unfolded, or empty glasses on the coffee table that need to be taken to the dishwasher.

Setting aside half an hour every morning for this will save you a lot of time over the week when all the disorderliness accumulates!

A Weekly Session Of Deep Cleaning Is Always a Good Idea:

This will not be a painful chore if you stick to the above habit. Just some dusting and vacuuming, followed by cleaning the windows- and you’ll have a spick-and-span living room!


Unlike a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, a living room does not have precise functionality. Despite that, it is the most ‘lived-in’ room in a house.

It would not be wrong to say that it is the most multifunctional room, where we enjoy different activities, including watching television, playing indoor games, reading, or simply relaxing on the couch and enjoying some drinks/snacks.

With the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can give your living room a new lease of life without having to put in much effort, time, or money!

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