Referral Reward Program

Referral Reward Program


Then you will love our REFERRAL REWARD PROGRAM.

Yes, you can get FREE CASH or FREE CLEANING!

As an exclusively referral-based company,  My Cleaner continues to see amazing growth because of your referrals. We want to say thank you for telling your friends, family, workmates, associates, and neighbors about us.

For every new client, you or anyone else refers to us, we will reward you with a 10% referral fee. That’s 10% of the money from their first cleaning that goes to you! When you refer someone, you will automatically receive a certificate that you may use for cash or services.

Here’s an example of how it works: You refer a new client to us. Let’s say they spend $500.00 on their cleaning job. We will automatically send you a referral certificate for $50.00. To redeem it, you have a year to simply present it toward a cleaning job, or send it to our office to redeem it for cash. It’s that easy!

The easiest way to refer your friends?

  1. Be honest, tell them about your experience with us. Most will find it refreshing to deal with a carpet cleaning service that provides the level of service that we do.
  2. Have plenty of our brochures or business cards handy. Our technicians will be happy to provide these to you. Our handy tri-fold brochure shares how to select a professional carpet cleaning company.
  3. Ask us for some Free Trial Offer Cards. These cards entitle a new client to 100 square feet of carpet cleaning at no charge and no obligation.
  4. Host an informal talk at your breakfast club, networking group, professional or women’s group. You will be rewarded for any new clients that result from your efforts. We offer a professional, first-class presentation on How To Select A Professional Service Company, or on carpet cleaning in general. Your choice!
  5. Direct them to our website. Have them download our free guide, How to choose a carpet cleaner

Remember, you will be rewarded for any new clients that result from your efforts, with no limit! That means if you’re in an industry or provide a service where you can refer several clients each week, you will get 10% of what each of them spends on their first cleaning.

To ensure you receive your reward promptly, be sure the client you referred knows your name, and if applicable, the company you work for. You might write your name on the card or brochure you give them.

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