Couch Steam Cleaning

Quick Tips For Couch Steam Cleaning

Couch cleaning is vital to eliminate dirt and stains from daily wear and tear. Couch steam cleaning is the best and efficient way of cleaning in an eco-friendly manner. Regular steam cleaning will also help to prolong the life of your couch and sofa sets.  

Steam cleaning uses steam generated with water to carry out the cleaning indifference to other chemical methods and hence it is safe. Some of the machines also have the feature of using a cleaning solution that is sprayed along with the water and providing systematic cleaning.  

These types of sprays are considered when you want to get rid of any odor stains on the couches. To have general cleaning, only a steam jet is enough. 

Here are quick tips for Couch Steam Cleaning: 

Tip #1: Check instructions tag on furniture: 

Firstly, check the information tag on the furniture, before starting steam cleaning. If the furniture has s code, then the fabric can only be cleaned using solvent-based cleaner and steam cleaning cannot be used in such conditions. Couch steam cleaning is good with furniture having a W code.  

Tip #2: Make sure you do a patch test  

If you are not confident about the product, make sure you do a patch test first to avoid unwanted results. Perform cleaning on a small patch area, preferably a hidden area. So, even though it gets ruin you can hide it. If the product is not harmful to the fabric, then it is good to go with the cleaning. 

Tip #3: Use A Vacuum Cleaner Prior  

Before starting steam cleaning, vacuum and remove any dust particles, pet hair, and other loose particles. Direct use of steam might make loose particles stick on the surface of your couch. 

Tip #4: Assemble and prepare your cleaner 

Assemble your cleaning machine by reading the instruction first. The temperature must be at 158° F at least for sanitation and at least 212° F for disinfecting the surface. 

Tip #5: Couch surfaces cleaning 

Make sure you move from the upside surface making your way down when cleaning the couch. Take care and clean every small section as well. It approximately takes 30 to 40 seconds to clean every patch. 

Tip #6: Dry Your Couch 

This is the last step, after cleaning, leave your couch for some time, so it dries.  

Though you can easily perform this task of couch cleaning easily on your own, for removing deep dirt stains and stubborn stains it is recommended to call professionals for help who will definitely provide you with the best services worth the prices you pay. 

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