Quick Tips for Couch Steam Cleaning

Couch Steam Cleaning

The couch adds elegance and comfort to your place. At the same time, cleaning and maintaining your couch is a bit difficult task. But it is mandatory to regularly clean your couch as a dirty one might degrade the class.

Therefore, regular couch cleaning is essential to remove the dust and debris accumulated from daily wear and tear.

Couch steam cleaning is an easy and safe way to clean your couch as it gets cleaned by water steam and does not include the use of harmful chemicals.

Even though professional cleaning services stand to be the best way to clean your couch thoroughly, you can still use the couch steam cleaning method to clean the couch by yourself.

In this blog, we have mentioned a few quick tips for couch steam cleaning. Read and follow them.

Five Quick Tips for Couch Steam Cleaning

1. Check Instructions –

Before starting the couch steam cleaning, check out the instruction tag attached to the furniture.

Checking this will help prevent your couch from using the wrong solutions, tools, and techniques. Couch steam cleaning is good only with the couch having W or WS cleaning codes. Couch steam cleaning is inappropriate for the couch having S or X cleaning codes.

2. Vacuuming –

Vacuuming is one of the leading quick tips for couch steam cleaning. Vacuum your couch and pillows(if any) to remove the dirt, debris, or loose particles from the same.

Direct steam cleaning might allow loose particles to stick to your couch. Use a correct nozzle attachment that suits your couch, or it might damage your fabric and furniture.

3. Small Patch Test –

Before doing the steam cleaning to the whole of your couch, try on a small patch of the couch that is not so visible.

You should do this because if in any case, you try a solution that is not suitable to your couch’s fabric, then it will spoil your whole couch. Therefore trying on a small hidden patch is preferable.

4. Remove Stains –

Remove the stains from the couch by using the upholstery cleaner. Make sure you use a spot cleaner that does not harm your couch fabrics. Spray the cleaner on the stain and let it rest for a few minutes.

Blot the stain with a clean cloth. You can try using a solution of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol or cornstarch and baking soda with water to remove the oily stains too.

5. Drying Couch –

Let the couch air dry itself. After steam cleaning, leave the couch for a few hours so that it dries out depending on the humidity at your place.

After the couch gets completely dried, vacuum it again to see if any residue is left. Ensure there is good ventilation while cleaning the couch, or it might take a long time to dry and build molds.

Conclusion –

After learning the quick tips for couch steam cleaning, there are rare possibilities where you might make mistakes and damage the couch.

Therefore it is suggested to hire a professional cleaning service. Professionals know which solution will be used for the fabric of your couch and perform experienced techniques to clean your couch without damaging it.

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