Quick Pet Stain and Odor Remediation Process

Quick Pet Stain and Odor Remediation Process

The problem of pet stains is very obvious to pet owners. It doesn’t matter how obedient your pet is, even the most well-trained pets can have accidents and can spoil your carpet. In most cases, when the owner is away from the house leaving the pet behind. They can become anxious over the first few days and do things that are never done before. For instance, peeing or pooing on the carpet or maybe running through the house is usually not acceptable. During such conditions pet owners looking for an odor remediation process.

Most of them believe in approaching a professional carpet cleaning company for odor remediation and mess clean-up. Actually, it’s a good option to approach them, but giving them a DIY try is also not bad. Performing DIY can save your money for a better purpose.

What You Should Do When Your Pet Leaves A Stain

The most important step in spills and stains removal is a response to the stains and spill. The faster you act to the stain the better your chance of success. If you notice your pet in the act, neutralize the situation quickly and start cleaning immediately. If you aren’t so lucky to catch your pet then don’t worry, relax. It will be tougher to clean over time, but still possible using the steps outlined below.

You’ll require the following things:

  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • A white clean cloth
  • Lukewarm or cool water
  • Lemon juice

General Urine Stain Cleaning Procedure:

  • Firstly, dampen the stain gently using a clean white cloth.
  • Slightly patting is essential. Make sure you don’t scrub or else it will embed the stain into the carpet.
  • sprinkle vinegar in the small form of droplets (use a sprinkler)
  • Keep patting until the stain has lifted
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the top of the damped area, and then leave it. After 15-20 minutes vacuum thoroughly
  • If required repeat the process to remove the stubborn stains.

These listed items can help you to eliminate all types of stains and the same is recommended by experts of My Cleaner because they believe in natural cleaning. Experts at My Cleaner say organic cleaning is one of the best cleaning methods to keep our house and planet safe and healthy.

This was a quick tip for odor remediation. To read more about odor remediation you can visit our related article: 5 Steps to Make Your Home Odor Free.

You can call us for odor removal services if you are not able to get the desired results in the do-it-yourself method. We provide professional house cleaning and sanitizing services. We deliver odor remediation in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples.

For further assistance, you can call us at (239) 333-5655.

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