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Call My Carpet Cleaner provides property management services to Cape Coral and the Surrounding Areas. Call today to see how you can get clean, dry, and stain-free carpets backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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See What “Actually Clean” Means For Residential Property Managers

Let The Results Speak For Themselves

  • AMAZING SERVICE!  “OMG, It’s 10AM, I’ve got a move-in today but forgot to put it on Call My Carpet Cleaner‘s schedule.  I call and it’s done and dry by 3PM. I love Smart! Oh, and they do work after hours and weekends. Crazy good!”

  • SAVE MONEY.  Trashed carpet is a big replacement cost.  Call My Carpet Cleaner saves 3 out of 4 carpets previously earmarked by managers for replacement. “Wow, this carpet was trashed! I heard Call My Carpet Cleaner can do amazing things. They came out and did a free assessment and quote. I was hoping to just get through one more tenant cycle. After I saw the results I think it will be good for many more tenant cycles”  Whew!  Smart saves the day and keeps another property owner happy!

  • QUALITY.  “Call My Carpet Cleaner gets it right the first time. And if the tenant has any gripes about the carpet Call My Carpet Cleaner will handle the issue and will always make it right. I love Call My Carpet Cleaner!”

  • PET ODORS AND STAINS.  Pet issues can be such a pain. Call My Carpet Cleaner‘s OCA product can stop the smell, and the documentation we provide, including black light photos really stops cold those arguments from vacating tenants.

Before and After Carpet Cleaning

Discover Why Steam Cleaning Isn’t Actually Clean


Traditional Carpet Cleaning’s Dirty Secrets

Did you know that having your carpets steam cleaned actually puts about 3 gallons of water into your carpet per minute? This adds up to about 30 gallons of water used in the average home, which not only gets your carpets wet, but also soaks the pad and flooring underneath. This leads to hours of drying time and wet carpets that run the risk of becoming slack and rolled, giving off a musky smell, and splitting seams. Call My Carpet Cleaner’s proprietary process revolutionizes the way carpets are cleaned by only using 3 gallons of water for your entire home. This keeps your carpet pad and subflooring dry and completely eliminates the problems associated with steam cleaning! Experience the difference for yourself and get a quote today!

Carpet Cleaning Results That Leave Your Carpets Fresh, Clean and Dry – Guaranteed!

Carpet Cleaning Before and After
Carpet Stain Removal Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Stains Return So Quickly After Steam Cleaning?
When a liquid spills on your carpet, it is quickly absorbed and penetrates the pad and subflooring underneath. Steam cleaning soaks these lower elements, re-activating the stain below, and allowing it to wick up to the top of the carpet over the hours and days of drying. Call My Carpet Cleaner’s exclusive process effectively eliminates this problem by never soaking and re-activating smells and issues in the pad and subfloor.
Why Steam Cleaning Leaves A Musty Odor?
Traditional carpet steam cleaning leaves the pad and subfloor underneath the carpet wet. When the carpet has dried, moisture can remain underneath in the pad and subflooring for days, allowing mold and bacteria to grow. With Call My Carpet Cleaner’s ultra-low moisture process moisture never gets the pad or subfloor damp, eliminating the potential for a musty smell.
Why Steam Cleaning Leaves Your Carpet ‘Crunchy’?
After getting your carpet steam cleaned, have you ever noticed a “crunchy” feeling? Or residual stiff fibers after you try to spot clean a stain yourself? This is the result of the cleaning product not being rinsed out thoroughly which can leave your carpet’s fibers stiff and more prone to re-soiling. Call My Carpet Cleaner’s revolutionary process never uses pre-sprays and utilizes a spotter product that does not leave residue behind, ensuring that your carpet will be left soft and will stay clean much longer than traditional methods! Receive your custom quote today to see the difference with Call My Carpet Cleaner Carpet Cleaning!
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Call My Carpet Cleaner provides super clean carpets without the wetness and stains usually left behind by other cleaners. Choose Call My Carpet Cleaner for top-quality, eco-friendly carpet cleaning and more to leave your home fresh and clean!

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