How Much Does Professional Rug Cleaning Cost in Cape Coral?

How Much Does Professional Rug Cleaning Cost in Cape Coral?

Regular professional cleaning is important to maintain your beautiful area rug and keep it looking spotless. But you should know how much it’ll cost to hire professionals for regular cleaning to get the best value for your money and avoid scams.

In this blog, we have discussed the average cost of professional rug cleaning and the factors that influence the price of individual rug cleaning. It’ll help you get the best service at an affordable rate.

Average Cost of Professional Rug Cleaning

The average area rug cleaning cost is around $200-600 for large rugs and $80-300 for smaller ones on average. But these prices can vary from house to house depending on the various factors listed below.

Factors Affecting Professional Rug Cleaning Cost

1. Rug Size

The most common pricing model for rugs is as per the size. Experts will charge you depending on how small or large your area rug is. Here is a list of rug cleaning costs by size based on the most common rug sizes available.

Size (Square Feet)

2 *4 $30-70
3*5 $50-100
Round- 3 foot diameter$20-55
Round- 6 foot diameter$90-225
Round- 12 foot diameter$300-900

2. Rug Material

Another factor that affects the rug cleaning cost is the rug’s material. Rugs made from durable synthetic fibers generally cost less to clean compared to natural and hand-woven rugs.

For example, the cleaning cost for wool rugs can go as high as $8 per square foot, in contrast to synthetic rug prices, which range from $1 to 4. Similarly, other cleaning rugs made of other natural fibers like cotton and silk will cost you the same as wool.

3. Style Of the Rug

In addition to the material, rugs are also characterized by their knitting and weaving patterns. These different weaving patterns affect the cleaning cost of the rug. The cost of cleaning the most common rug style is the following.

→ Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are delicate and require hand washing to ensure they retain their beauty and style. Cleaning oriental rugs cost $5-8 per square foot.

→ Persian Rugs

Persian rugs differ from oriental ones in the type of knot. But the cleaning method for both will remain almost identical. Expect to pay $6-10 for cleaning Persian rugs.

→ Others

Other common styles of rugs include woven, flat weave, and India, with prices ranging from $3-8.

4. Method Used

Different rugs require different cleaning methods to look their best. Some, like synthetic rugs, do well with steam cleaning, while others need hand cleaning to look their best.

Depending on the quality of the fabric, there are three main methods to clean your area rugs. It includes steam cleaning for synthetic materials costing $1 to 4 and dry cleaning methods ($1.5 to 5) for natural, antique, and other more delicate rugs.

Finally, hand-woven and knitted area rugs require hand washing, which costs $3 to 8 per square foot.

5. Common Add Ons

Apart from cleaning, professionals also provide additional rug cleaning services at an extra cost. It includes the following.

→ Stain Removal

Additional stain removal can cost you $10-15 per stain.

→ Odor Removal

Pros charge $20-75 to deodorize the rug.

→ Stain Protection

Applying a stain protector will cost $1.5 to 2.5 per square foot.

Bottom Line

The average price for rug cleaning is between $100 and 350, with a minimum charge of $75 to 100. However, the proper cleaning cost for your rug will depend on many individual factors and your specific cleaning needs. So consider that before choosing rug cleaners.

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