Air Duct Cleaning Tips After Home Renovation or Construction

Air Duct Cleaning Tips After Home Renovation or Construction

After any construction or renovation project, there can be a large amount of dirt and debris gathered in the air ducts. These contaminants can lower the efficiency of the HVAC system and reduce the air quality of your place.

To prevent this, you should clean your air duct properly after the construction project. To help you out, here we have some of the best cleaning tips for contaminant-free air ducts and better air quality.

Post-Renovation Air Duct Cleaning Tips

⇒ Prepare Ducts Before The Project

Before the renovation or construction work starts at your place, you can do a few things to ensure minimum dirt and debris getting into the air ducts.

Don’t run the HVAC system in the room getting renovated or while the construction crew works. Also, cover or close the air vents during the duration of construction. These things will keep the construction debris away from the ducts, leading to less cleanup.

⇒ Thoroughly Inspect Air Ducts

After all the construction/ renovation work is over and you have done the primary cleanup, start checking your air ducts. Inspect them thoroughly for dirt, debris, and any signs of blockage. Conducting a proper assessment before cleaning will give you an idea of the extent of damage and the cleanup required.

⇒ Change the Air Filters Post-Construction

Dirt and debris created during construction can clog the filters if you do it earlier. So wait till the project is over, then change the air filters post-construction. It will save you the trouble of cleaning dirty air filters so you can focus on actual duct cleaning.

Note: We recommend investing in a few spare air filters while you plan the remodeling project.

⇒ Protect HVAC System

Before you start cleaning the air ducts, it’s important to cover air vents and registers. It will protect your HVAC system from damage and prevent the entry of cleaning dirt and debris into the air duct.

You can invest in special HVAC covers or use simple plastic ones. This step is crucial as dirt may damage some components of your home’s heating and cooling system, leading to expensive repairs.

⇒ Clean The Ducts

While cleaning deeper ducts can be tricky, you can do it using a vacuum cleaner, a hose attachment, a soft-bristled brush, and nylon rods. Just do the following.

  • Remove the vent or register cover and place it in warm, soapy water for effective cleaning.
  • After a while, use a microfiber cloth to clean the covers and let them dry.
  • Then, make your extension rod by joining nylon rods together to form a 10-foot-long pole and attach the brush to it.
  • After that, insert the rod into the duct and dislodge all the contaminants accumulated during construction.
  • Attach the hose extension to your vacuum and secure it with duct tape.
  • Turn on the vacuum and shove it into the duct as far back as possible.
  • Move it up and down the duct to gather the maximum contaminants.
  • Lastly, replace the washed covers and turn on the HVAC system to check for proper airflow.

⇒ Check For Leaks

After you finish cleaning the air ducts, don’t forget to check for air leaks. Damage to the air duct after renovation is one of the most common air duct issues that homeowners face.

If you find any leaks, seal them quickly using a heat-resistant item like aluminum tape. If the cut or damage is too large to fix, contact experts as soon as possible to prevent energy loss.

Let Us Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Sometimes, using the wrong tools for cleaning air ducts can cause issues down the line. But our experts at Call My Cleaner can clean your air ducts post-construction or renovation without any side effects. We clean your clogged air ducts using our years of experience and advanced cleaning equipment to ensure better and improved air quality.

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