Upholstery Cleaning


Up to 80% of dust and dirt entering your home could end up in the fabric on your couches, chairs, and other furniture. When you have upholstered furniture in your home, there’s no way to avoid germs and dust accumulating on them. This can be especially problematic if you often have guests over or have little kids because it leads to food stains, blemishes, and germs/bacteria buildup on surfaces around your house.

Even if your upholstery seems clean, there is invisible dirt or contaminants buried deep in the fibers. Therefore, you should have your upholstery professionally cleaned periodically to keep it fresh.

Your furniture is in for a treat when you give it the upholstery cleaning that My Cleaner Inc. has to offer. Our professional cleaners will scrub your sofa, loveseat, or any other pieces of furniture with care and diligence until they are looking as good as new again! When we’re done with our work on your home furnishings, not only do you get clean seating areas – but these spaces also dry quickly so everyone can enjoy them sooner. Our upholstery cleaning service utilizes the latest and most advanced equipment, materials, and techniques to ensure your furniture remains vibrant.