Area Rug Cleaning


Area rugs are decorative, functional ways to liven up spaces in homes and offices. Like carpets and upholstered furniture, they act as air filters for the home. They trap dirt, allergens, bacteria – preventing these elements from circulating through your house or office space.

The differences between area rugs, such as their place of origin, their construction, manufacturing techniques, and the materials, fibers, and finishes, can mean they require varying treatments. Our experienced cleaners understand the intricacies that make each rug unique and treat them accordingly with our expert cleaning services.

Area rugs tend to be delicate and expensive, so it’s crucial they are cleaned in a manner that does not cause damage. Many professional carpet cleaning systems use intense chemicals and high heat or water pressure, which can cause damage to area rugs since most cannot withstand these cleaning methods. Our dry extraction process is safer because our cleaners do not use harsh chemicals, nor will the rug experience any extreme temperatures during its cleanup process.

Also, our clients choose to have their rug professionally cleaned by us due to how affordable we make our service – without sacrificing quality!