Myths & Facts about Air Duct Cleaning

Myths & Facts about Air Duct Cleaning

If you are considering getting your air ducts cleaned by professionals, you may have heard lots of myths about air duct cleaning, forcing you to reconsider your decision.

In this blog, we will look at some of the most common air duct cleaning myths and debunk them one by one using facts and logic to help remove any doubt about hiring experts for air duct cleaning.

Debunking Common Air Duct Cleaning Myths With Facts

Myth 1- Cleaning Harms Ductwork

Some homeowners believe that having their air ducts cleaned may damage or scratch the duct’s interior. They think that doing so will lead to expensive repairs and waste their money.


Harming the air ducts is the farthest thing that getting them clean does. On the contrary, regular cleaning by trained experts extends the lifespan of your HVAC system and prevents costly replacements.

Myth 2- Air Duct Stay Clean By Themselves

Another common myth is that there is no need to clean air ducts as they can stay clean by themselves. The reason behind this thinking is that the air filters in the duct can control the accumulated dirt and grime and don’t need to be inspected or cleaned.


While air ducts trap dirt and debris getting into the air duct to a degree, it’s not sufficient to prevent their accumulation. When the filters get saturated, it can lead to dirt and debris accumulating in a higher quantity. So hiring experts to clean air ducts at least twice a year is the only way to ensure your air ducts remain clean.

Myth 3- Clean Air Ducts Don’t Improve the Air Quality

A persistent myth states that air duct cleaning doesn’t improve the air quality of your home.


Cleaning the air ducts improves the IAQ of your home, as it prevents the accumulated dirt, dust, and debris from making their way into your home and causing breathing and other related issues. So, regularly cleaning the air duct is necessary to maintain the air quality of your place.

Myth 4- Duct Cleaning Has no Effect on Mold Growth

Mold can grow inside the air ducts due to excessive moisture and various other reasons. However, many people refuse to accept that air duct cleaning helps prevent mold growth and musty odor in your home.


When experts clean your air ducts, they thoroughly clean them from end to end. It removes all the contaminants gathered inside the duct and removes the standing water and moisture. It clears the ducts and reduces the chances of mold growth by a lot.

Myth 5- You Can Effectively Clean Air Ducts Yourself

Some homeowners strongly believe that they can clean the air ducts by themselves. They think that the option is much more cost-effective than hiring experts to do the job.


Homeowners should avoid cleaning the air ducts alone, as it can push more dirt and debris into the ductwork and affect the system’s functioning. It can lead to expensive repairs and maintenance costs.

Instead, get your air ducts cleaned by Call My Carpet Cleaner experts. We clean your ductwork thoroughly and remove all the dirt, grime, and debris, improving the air quality of your place and preventing dangers like mold growth. Contact us at (239) 333 5655 to book your service.

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