My Cleaner’s DIY Steps for Air-Duct Cleaning

My Cleaner’s DIY Steps for Air-Duct Cleaning

Do you know the air you inhale in your house is of good or bad quality? If your answer is bad quality, you need air duct cleaning right now. If you want to give a self-try, you can clean it yourself by following My Cleaner’s DIY steps for air duct cleaning:

Cover the register with paper towels

Ok, when you start with the cleaning work, it would be better to cover the register with a paper towel. This is done because while cleaning the duct system, the debris may get into your house and registers. So, save yourself from extra work and cover it all with the help of a paper towel.

Switch on the air duct system to remove the dust with cleaning

Now, during cleaning, it is good to switch on the fan, or air duct system. The option of cool or hot must be kept off, as you only need the pressure. This pressure will help to remove and push the dirt and dust towards the shop vac; this will easily clean the duct.

Replace the old filter

We all know very well that the usage of air duct systems on daily basis traps the dust and dirt in the filter. This dirt and dust block the filters. This block does not allow the debris to get inside the system.

Thus, the filter acts as a shield and collects all the dirt. Due to its use for a longer period of time, it may get older and filthy. Under such conditions, it is better to change the old filter for better working of the air duct system.

Remove flying dust particles in your duct vents

You can remove the gliding dust particles in your duct vent with the help of a vacuum cleaner or the back portion of the brush, which you may have been using to clean the dust.

Clean the register and duct vent using sanitizer

If there are too many dust particles, you can also use an organic and non-toxic sanitizer to clean the duct vent and register. For this, just mix water and sanitizer of a good brand in an equal ratio. Dip a cotton cloth in this solution and wipe the parts using this cloth. As soon as you start wiping, the dirt particles will start removing.

Use vacuum to clean inner parts

You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean several parts presents inside your duct. This is because you cannot reach manually to the inner parts of the duct. So, in such conditions, it is better you use a vacuum cleaner as it can suck all the dirt easily with the air pressure.

Clean the return air vents

Once you complete the cleaning of registers and other parts, turn your attention to the return air vents. You have to clean them also using a brush or a sanitizer.

Use tea tree oil to sanitize the entire duct

Tea tree oil is the best sanitizer oil you can use in ducts. This oil is perfect to remove all types of germs and bacteria, which may breed due to dust.

Deodorize the duct if required

Due to the presence of dirty particles, a disgusting smell may develop inside the air duct system. When you complete the cleaning of the air duct system, use a room freshener to deodorize the room and the duct system as well.

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