Do you know? In most of the homes or commercial areas, the main reason for the fire is the clogged dryer vent. Over a period of time, lint build-up starts in every dryer. But, if you are using an electric or gas dryer, then lint up can be trapped easily. Moreover, it reduces the efficiency of your dryer.

In one survey, it is released that the reason for the fire in dryer vents is because of the lack of regular maintenance. However, the dryer is the most extensive appliance used in home and commercial laundries. If you do not keep it clean, then it may lead to the situation of a fire. This is the most fire hazard product in every house.

Are you clear with the answer – is your dryer vent a fire hazard or not? Therefore, learn here some essential tips to prevent this type of situation in your home.

Essential Tips To Prevent The Situation Of Fire Hazard

dryer vent cleaning

1. Daily Inspection

Never forget to inspect your dryer vent before and after every use. It is advisable to get your dryer vent clean on a daily basis. If you find any lint build-up inside it, then remove it immediately.

You should always assure that there are no rodents and insects available in the basement of your vent, it may cause the fire situation. In the available space, birds and flies try to make their nest so do not forget to ensure that there is no nesting made up by birds.

2. Proper Ventilation

It is important to provide proper ventilation to your dryer vent as it prevents the situation of fire risk from the surrounding surface. Lint must be removed with the help of a flexible lint removal brush with enough length to maintain proper airflow.  The use of a vacuum cleaner with a brush can work better.

3. Clean Vent From All Sides

Once you clean the basic things, remove the dust and debris from beneath, also from the top and back. Without fail, remove the collected antigen and pollen from inside of your duct. If you do not pay attention to remove such dust mites, your dryer vent pulls it again and gets clogged.

4. Avoid kinking 

While installation of your dryer vent, make sure that there is no kink or crushing. Further, it restricts airflow and increases the chances of fire. It is advisable to replace the duct every 2-3 years to ensure that your dryer works more smoothly and efficiently.

Wrap Up

The essential tips provided above are a good way to prevent a fire hazard. You can prevent this situation by routine check-up of your dryer vent. Also, clean your dryer vent regularly on your own by trying the DIY methods.

But, if the situation is more complicated, then it is important to hire professional dryer vent cleaning services at least once a year. So that you can prevent your dryer vent from fire hazards and also reduce the cost of its replacement.

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