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Importance of Rug Cleaning

We know that removing bacteria 100% is simply next to impossible, however curbing bacteria and keeping it at a manageable level, is within our control. 

Many people do not consider the means by which dirt and germs are tracked into the home and how such germs become viral and airborne from the ground up. Carpeting and rug fibers are perfect for mold spores and allergens to accumulate, and when stepped on, the particles break apart into the air and into your body.

Common pathogenic diseases such as Salmonella can be brought into your carpet and rug fibers from your shoes, embedding themselves and regenerating in their cozy environment.

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Damp environments are germ hotspots for mold-based diseases, including homes in tropical locations, businesses, child care, and school facilities. Regular vacuums slow the germs however are not the means to curbing and eliminating some or most of the dangerous bacteria.  

Flood-affected carpeted flooring is a disaster in many ways, and whilst a clean-up may have to be conducted, consistent flooring maintenance thereafter is a must to limit bacteria growth and mold growth. 

Even if you clean your rug regularly, a thorough vacuum cleaner will pick up top-based dirt particles, yet deep within the carpet and rug fibers, these germs are still there.  

“My Cleaner experts say that most people’s carpets and rugs contain a whopping 100,000 bacteria particles per square inch.”  

Many of us are not even aware of the bacteria and germ types embedded in our rug fibers. If you have animals in the home, this only adds to the feces and other pathogenic germs waiting to spread elsewhere. 

So, now we have completed the fact your floors are possibly the worst place for bacteria, so let’s look at some tips to minimize tracked bacteria and germs on your floors: 

Placing dirt collecting mats at the entrance area to your home or business. The cheap options are not always the best, so invest in more expensive quality mats, don’t worry it will give you better results.

Here are some measures to be taken:  

  • Remove shoes in the environment where possible, especially within the home. 
  • Vacuum daily over carpets, rugs, and tiles 
  • Steam clean your rugs and carpets at least twice a year 
  • Ensure your tiles and other floor types are kept clean or even professionally cleaned regularly to minimize the spread of germs from other floor types into your rug and carpet fibers 
  • Spot clean your rugs with vinegar and water solutions when there are spills 
  • Air and sun your rugs when possible, beat the extra dust out if you can keep your mouth covered 

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My Cleaner is renowned as a professional area rug cleaning service in Cape Coral. We provide many more carpet cleaning services in Cape Coral and nearby areas. We provide professional rug cleaning services based on the fabric of the rugs. We use environment-friendly products to promote healthy and clean living for your family and furry friend. 

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