Carpet installation is one of the major investments in your home. Therefore, you need to keep it clean and sanitized using quality cleaning products.

The first step towards keeping your carpet clean is to install the furniture carpet protectors. It prevents scratches to the carpet when installed under your furniture legs.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the importance of carpet protectors and benefits. Read to prevent your carpet from permanent furniture weight marks, while keeping it sparkling clean for years.

Reasons To Choose Furniture Carpet Protectors.

  1. Using protectors under the sofa or chair, you can keep the carpet dents to a minimum. You can use caster cups as protectors to assist the carpet surface beneath them. Caster cups with spikes work the best for your carpet protection.
  2. One of the best ideas you can adapt to make your own furniture carpet protectors at home. Use the leftover carpet pieces while installing to make a carpet protector pad. Cut them into small pieces, slightly larger than the bottom of the sofa or chair. This helps to avoid sofa weight imprints on your carpet.

    Furniture Carpet Protectors

  3. Sometimes you can also use a rug as the carpet protectors. Place the rug under the sofa above the carpet surface. This way the weight of the furniture doesn’t affect the carpet softness. Your carpet will remain smooth and soft, having no marks.

In Conclusion, 

Over time, your carpet gets dirty and stained. Therefore, it becomes essential to use carpet protectors to make sure that dirt, stains, and spills do not get into the fibers of your carpet. This avoids any kind of damage that causes your carpet.

In case if you want to protect your carpet from protectors like Scotchgard or Maxim, then hire My Cleaner. We are the ultimate provider of carpet protectors. Our team will help you with applying the protective layer over your carpet. This layer will act as a sealant and protect your carpet fabric.

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