Pets are humans’ best friends. True, but taking care of them can be hard. Even after training them well, their urine accidents still happen. The worst kind of accidents are where the dog pees on the carpet or the rug. The stain and the odor are hard to remove.

You can find many household tips and remedies to remove the stain and odor. But it is a hard and tiresome process. In the end, there are still some patch stains that are left behind. However, professionals can help you to remove all the hard urine stains from your rugs and carpets.

Learn here the solutions to prevent dogs from peeing on the rug.

Solutions to Prevent Dogs from Peeing on the Rugs

Getting a new dog can be very exciting, but adjusting it in your home environment is quite difficult. And it is far more difficult when the dog is not yet properly trained. Without the proper guidance or training, it is hard to prevent dogs from peeing on the rugs, carpets, or any other upholstered furnishings.

Here are a few solutions you can follow to avoid this problem.

Vinegar Solution Repellent Spray

Dogs don’t like the smell of acid. So you can spray a solution of vinegar and water on rugs and other furnishings before you get them home. There is still a chance that they will still pee on the rug. In that case, you can also use this solution to mask the odor of the pee. This solution further prevents the dog to pee on the rug ever again.

Pet Stain Removal Cape Coral

Numbers of Potty Breaks in a Day

This is one of the major reasons why dogs pee inside the house. Frequent potty breaks allow them to pee outside the house. It doesn’t matter whether the dog is trained or not. Without frequent potty breaks, the dogs will pee inside the house.

Commercial Carpet Solution

Commercial carpet solutions are a quick and easy solution for covering up the odor and to prevent the dogs from peeing on the rugs again. The ingredients present in the carpet solution prevents the dog from peeing on it. It saves from any future accidents.

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