Winters are the time of the year when we love nothing more than to snuggle inside our blankets. Unfortunately, this reason to keep ourselves warm leads to deterioration of indoor air quality.

With high insulation and sealed windows and doors, we try to protect the cold air from getting in. Because of this, there is zero circulation of air from the outside to the inside. 

Thus, we breathe in the same recirculated air, containing the high extent of pollen, dust, dirt, bacteria, etc. To avoid these situations, read below the ways on how to improve indoor air quality in winters. 

Ways to Improve Air Quality in Winters

Clean your Home

Keep The Area Clean

It is essential to clean all the areas, especially carpets, upholstery, rugs, and other dusty areas to keep dirt away. Regular vacuuming with HEPA filters while using an air-filtration mask along with non-toxic cleaning solutions reduces the content of impurities at home.

Check The Ducts Regularly

Debris and dust build-up in ducts have a major impact on indoor air quality. Therefore, regular inspection and cleaning of ductwork help maintain the quality of indoor air.

Keep an Eye of Furnaces

Checking the furnaces and filter ensures that you don’t inhale more impurities. Since furnaces are a big part of the HVAC systems, ensuring the smooth functioning of them is important.  

Consider Investing in an Air Purifier

Your HVAC system can clean your air up to a certain limit. Investing in a good air purifier further ensures that you and your loved ones breathe in good clean air. 

Open Windows For Ventilation

Opening the windows for a short duration of time in winter allows proper ventilation to take place. Poor ventilation decreases the indoor air quality, causes condensation on doors or windows, and funky odor in the house.

Want To Improve Indoor Air Quality With The Help of a Professional?

The easiest answer to how to improve indoor air quality in winter is by hiring professional cleaning services. 

My Cleaner, our trained and experienced professionals provide premier odor and sanitizing services that improve the indoor air quality drastically.

So next time you need help to improve indoor air quality in Cape Coral, contact our consultant at (239) 333 5655. For more details, follow us on our Twitter site.