As we all know that carpets at our home or office need regular cleaning and maintenance. If you have kids, then activities like eating, walking, playing take place on these carpet areas only. Do you get worried about carpet drying after cleaning? 

How to dry carpet fast after cleaning? Does this question arise in your mind especially during monsoons? Without proper drying the carpet may attract more dirt and germs, mildew growth will start and also blows unpleasant odor. 

It is very important to know how you can make your carpets dry faster. hence, here we have shared the most simple tricks to dry the carpet faster.

4 best and simple tips to dry the carpet quickly after cleaning.

  • Clean it more often.

If the carpet is cleaned more often, then the chances of filled with heavy dirt for too-long reduces greatly. Hard soil fillings on carpet require more effort in cleaning that also leads to an increase in it’s drying time. So, clean carpet timely to prevent its color fading instead of using harmful chemicals to clean after a long time.

Vacuuming carpet

  • Ventilate immediately after cleaning.

Open the windows and expose the carpet to the fresh air outside. This is the easiest way to dry your carpet quickly and also to remove its bad odor. If the weather is warm and less humid, then the carpet will dry faster and disinfects from harmful molds and mildews.

drying mats in sunlight

  • Expose to fans.

Place the carpets around fans and set the table fan direction pointing directly towards the carpentry floor. Change the direction of carpet in small intervals of time to let it dry from both sides. Keep repeating this process until the carpet gets dry. For ceiling fans also you can do the same thing.

  • Use Professional Blow-dryer.

Using blow-dryer is the best answer to – How to dry carpet fast after cleaning? Using a good blow-dryer around specific wet portions of carpet will let it dry faster. Dehumidifiers can also be used for moisture removal on the carpet after its drying.

Water damaged walls and floors in house. Dehumidifier pointing at walls.

Tip: Spread an arm and hammer baking soda on the carpet and leave it for 1-2 days, then after vacuum it. This will remove the bad smell that remains after drying.

Knowing the easy tips for drying the carpet is equally important with its cleaning. You may be using some of the home tips mentioned in this article but again it differs greatly against professional services. 

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