How to get Melted Wax out of Carpet

How to get Melted Wax out of Carpet

Lightening your home with delicious-smelling candles can surely add a touch of beauty and elegance to your party. But it becomes worse when melted candle wax drips all over your expensive carpet.

Now, if you also have faced the same and wondering how to get melted wax out of carpet, you are at the right place. Luckily, it is an easy task to remove the melted wax from your carpet, and you can do it using readily available things in your home.

Read the full blog to learn how to get melted wax out of carpet in 5 easy steps.

How to get Melted Wax out of Carpet in 5 Easy Steps 

Collect The Essentials 

You do not require too many things to remove melted wax from your carpet. You can do it with things already available in your home. The first step is to collect all the essentials near you so that you can concentrate on removing the wax instead of finding the things at the last moment. The required items are-

  • Ice Pack or Zipped Bag With Ice Cubes
  • Paper Towels or Clean Cloth
  • Iron or Hair Dryer
  • Butter Knife or A coin
  • Mild Carpet Cleaner
  • Vacuum Cleaner

Freeze The Wax 

Ice pack

Next, you have to freeze the wax using an ice pack. Freezing the wax will make it easy to remove and also reduce the chances of carpet damage. Place the ice pack on the affected carpet area and press it. Make sure the ice pack or the bad does not leak. Keep the icepack there until the wax solidifies.

Scrape The Wax 

Scrape The Wax

Once the wax freezes completely, you can start removing it by scraping it with the help of a butter knife or a coin. The only thing you have to take care of is wax must be solidified completely, as scaping the melted wet wax can damage the carpet fiber. Gently scrape off all the wax from your carpet.

Heat The Wax 

Heat The Wax

Scaping will remove a significant amount of wax from the carpet. To remove the remaining wax which is stuck in carpet fibers, you have to melt it. First, clean the scaped wax by vacuuming.

Then place a paper towel on the wax stain and start rubbing medium-temperature iron on the paper towel. The Paper towel will absorb the melted wax from your carpet. Change the paper towel and repeat this step until all the wax is out of your carpet.

Clean The Carpet 

Clean the carpet

Once the wax is out of your carpet, the final step is to clean the stain from your carpet. You can use any mild carpet cleaner or can prepare it at home using dishwasher liquid and warm water.

Apply an adequate amount of cleaner to the carpet stain and wait for a few minutes. After that, start bloating it using a paper towel. Blot it thoroughly and repeat it if necessary. Let the carpet dry completely and vacuum it.

And it’s done! You have removed the melted wax from your carpet.

Summing Up

Now you would know how to get melted wax out of the carpet. It is not rocket science; you just have to freeze, scrape, heat, and then absorb it. The only thing that you have to take carpet is you do not cause any harm to your carpet while removing the wax. And if you find it difficult, hiring a professional carpet cleaner always remains the best option.

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