How to Correctly Clean Your Area Rug?

clean your area rug

A neat and clean rug will increase the style and comfort of your home. However, area rugs especially in high-traffic areas are usually exposed to wear and tear on a daily basis. They accumulate dust, dirt, and odor due to smoke, pet accidents, and spills. If you clean your area rug properly on daily basis will prolong the life of your rug.

Carpet cleaning for a delicate area rug

Carpet cleaners are frequently mistaken for area rug cleaners. However, the steps of carpet cleaning are completely different than the area rug cleaning. Carpet cleaners visit your home and steam clean your area rug. They use cleaning agents with harsh chemicals, which leads to discoloration. The carpeting flooring under the area rug can be damaged in the process, not only due to possible discoloration from bleeding dyes but also from the dampness and humidity of a wet rug. This process is standard for synthetic wall-to-wall carpeting but is not appropriate and is often damaging to delicate, handmade, and natural fiber rugs, such as wool and silk.

DIY- Area Rug Cleaning

Some of the owners take their area rugs outdoors and then power wash them, some wash them using a garden hose and shampoo. This technique is not recommended for area rug cleaning because it may result in irreparable damage. Also, we do not recommend the spot cleaning of area rugs using store-bought carpet shampoo and detergents. These harsh chemical cleaners are designed for wall-to-wall carpeting with synthetic fibers and are not designed for natural fiber rugs. Area rugs have rich dyes that may easily bleed and discolor not only the rug itself but also the floor underneath.

Professional area rug cleaning

Regular cleaning of the area rug is very important and most important is to clean it with care so it doesn’t get damaged. An improper cleaning technique can ruin your area rug, all in all ruining your investment. To keep your attractive area rug healthy for a long time, call your professional area rug cleaners. They take time to analyze your rug and determine which cleaning process would work best.

The process that professionals follow

Professional area rug cleaners visit your home to inspect the rug. They analyze the fibers, dyes, and condition of the rug to decide the proper cleaning method. They take time to answer the questions and give an estimate for the proposed work. Once you are satisfied with the information, your rug is taken to a dedicated facility where the cleaning process is started with dusting to remove the dirt and small particles. Your rug is hand cleaned and gently rinsed to avoid color runs.

Similar to the washing process. Some rugs are hung to dry naturally, while others are dried flat. No chemicals are used to wash or dry the area rug. After vacuuming and grooming the rug again, there is a final inspection done to make sure the result is satisfactory. If they are not, the process is repeated again. Once the area rug is looking and smelling great, the area rug is then delivered back to the owner

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