Is your dryer taking more time to dry your clothes? It means that the dryer is blocked from both inside and outside. In this case, you need immediate cleaning for the vents of your dryer. Also, the clogged dryer vent with lint reduces its efficiency and increases the chances of fire. 

In a country like the U.S, there are more than 1500 cases of fire that occur every year. So a dryer vent is considered one of the most fire hazardous products. The experts recommend professional dryer vent cleaning services at least once every year. 

Let’s focus on some below tips that give a clear idea on how to clean dryer vent from outside.

4 Amazing Tips To Clean Dryer Vent From Outside

  1. Unplug the vent from the power source. Pull away the vent from the wall, so that you can examine the vent comfortably. Now, vacuum the dust and dirt that is built below the vent appliances.
  2. Keep a cloth/towel or newspaper below the vent to collect the dust and lint. Detach the dryer from the vent. Use a brush with enough handle length and insert the lint brush in the vent from the inner side. Move the brush back and forth repeatedly till there is no lint and dust in it.
  3. Inspect the vent before inserting your hand inside. If any insect is creating a nest inside, then you have to take the help of professionals. Do not try to take the risk of cleaning on your own in such a condition.
  4. Clean your dryer vent with soap and dishwasher detergent. Ensure that your vent is not blocked anymore. Reattach the vent with the dryer and clean the dust from the opposite side as well.

Final Words

Cleaning your dryer vent at the proper time can reduce or remove the chances of fire-related accidents in your home. It saves you and your family from such a dangerous accident and enhances the efficiency of your dryer vent. 

However, there is a possibility that you cannot clean your dryer vent at home. It is due to a lack of time and less knowledge. To get the best professional dryer vent cleaning services in Cape Coral, FL, My Cleaner is the most reliable choice. 

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