If you are cleaning the carpet periodically twice a week, then it can degrade the carpet fibers early. So, what is a solution to keep the carpet protected from the stains and bacteria for a long time? By applying the best carpet protector can help you here.

Scotchgard carpet protector provides easier cleaning for spills and stains on the carpet. In fact, it limits the reappearing spots also. Learn how to apply it on your carpet.

5 Easy Steps to Use a Scotchgard Carpet Protector

  1. At first, do a preparation to protect all the surrounding non-fabric materials from the overspray of this protector. If it overspray occurs, then quickly wipe and clean it from cloth.
  2. Shake the bottle of protector well. Then test it on some hidden carpet area before use. Rub it with a white cloth and see whether the color of carpet fades or not. If it fades, then don’t use it.
  3. If the Scotchgard carpet protector suits your carpet then start using it. Hold the bottle in an upside-down position approx 2 feet above the carpet area. Spray foam on the whole carpet area evenly in a sweeping manner.
  4. Leave your carpet free from the traffic of pets and children until the protector is dried out. It takes around 2-6 hours for drying.
  5. If you require extra protection in high traffic areas, then apply the protector for the second time in these areas. Follow step 3 to reapply the protector.
  6. If the carpet becomes hard or white powder remains on it, then simply remove it by vacuuming after it is dried.

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Looking For Professional Carpet Protector Services?

To get the best professional carpet protector services near Cape Coral, Fl location  My Cleaner is the name of a trust. Our professionals are using both Scotchgard and Maxim carpet protectors to prevent damage on your carpet. Schedule your appointment now, call us at (239) 333-5655. Stay updated to know more tips for carpet protection at our Facebook, and Twitter social pages.