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Cleaning Service Questions

Does my old carpet need to be replaced?

Often professional carpet cleaning can do wonders to restore the life of your carpet. Call today for a free estimate!

Is professional cleaning service beneficial for allergy sufferers?

Professional cleaning services will eliminate bacteria, allergens, and contaminants from the area being cleaned. Lowering the number of allergens in the environment will benefit allergy suffers.

How often do upholstery manufacturers recommend professional cleaning?

Upholstery manufacturers recommend cleaning your upholstery at least once every 18 months. In between professional cleanings, you can vacuum your upholstery every two weeks and remove any stains right away.

Is it possible to remove dirt that has penetrated my tile flooring?

Tile and grout are very porous. So, over time, dirt absorbs deep within your tile and grout. However, with professional tile and grout cleaning services, it is possible to remove these containments.

How much time it will take to clean my carpet?

Typically, it takes about 25 minutes per area. However, the time it takes to clean your carpets varies depending on 1) how dirty your carpet is, 2) what type of stain removal treatment is required, and 3) what furniture needs to be moved. Call today for a free estimate!