Facing Constant Health Issues? Pet Odor could be The Leading Factor!

Pet odor

We love our pets for so many reasons, especially the ability to train them while they’re young to do all kinds of fun things! Whether it’s the plump little puppy that loves to rest at your feet as you sit in your favorite chair, or the cute kitten cuddling under your neck as you sleep at night. The major issues with them are the pet odor and stains. Though we treat them as an important member of the family overlooking the rest.

Having a pet brings lots of issues in the home such as urine stains & Odor, spoiling the entire environment of your dwelling. Apart from the obvious reasons that urine is just unpleasant, there are actually more reasons that can affect you and your home both, which can easily go unnoticed. Hence it is essential to know how to get rid of pet odor and stains. Because the amounts of ammonia in their pee can be dangerous when you inhale.

The Dangerous Effects of Ammonia and Bacteria in Pet Odor & Urine

There’s no secret that pet urine smells. However, what makes the pet’s (Dog & Cat) urine more dangerous is ammonia. Pet urine has a large amount of ammonia present relative to humans and inhaling this can affect people.

The major issue with dog odor is when it dries, the liquid evaporates but they leave the tiny ammonia crystal, which is even more concentrated than before because there’s no water to dilute them. In simple words, the more dog pee spot is left untreated, the more strong it becomes. This is exacerbated because dogs often have a preferred spot, and if the area is not cleaned properly, the negative effects of ammonia will increase. Many people think this is only the reason you need to take extra precautions and approach a professional to deal with the issues. No! There are many more pet issues that can be dangerous for people.

Here are the most common problems human faces because of pets:

Campylobacter jejuni

Bacteria in pet urine

It is the most common cause of food poisoning. Though it usually spreads through improperly cooked meats. They are also present in the feces of cats and dogs, where they can spread to humans. So make sure you wash your hands after playing with them and before you eat.

Leptospira interrogans

spiral-shaped bacteria in pet urine

This spiral-shaped bacteria, which lives in the urine of various pets, can go through your skin and into the bloodstream. This can cause fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. If left untreated, the infection can lead to kidney damage, meningitis, liver failure, and even death. So make sure you take quick actions towards the urine of cats, dogs, and rodents. Do not swim in water that may have been peed in by these creatures.

Bartonella henselae (Cat Scratch Disease)

Cat Scratch Disease

A bite or scratch from a cat could help this bacteria get under your skin. Cat scratch disease, or Bartonellosis, is typically characterized by lymph node swelling, fatigue, and fever. It can be treated with antibiotics, but serious complications can occur in people with weakened immune systems. In case you get scratches and bite while playing with your pets, you should wash it immediately and apply antiseptics and antibiotics.

These were the most common but threatening dangers to the pet owners. If you feel your carpet has experienced too many accidents, the best option may be a professional cleaning. When you are looking for pet odor removal services no one then better than us! We provide odor removal services in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, FL. Call My Cleaners today and get rid of the pet issues from your home.

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