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Eliminating Grout Stains: 3 Remedies For The DIY Tile Braveheart

You make your way across the threshold of your new Bonita Springs residence and fall in love with the virginal white tile grout; that, or you immediately start stressing out over how long that beautiful grout will last.

Grout is care-intensive. It calls for regular maintenance & deep cleaning to sustain that brightness regardless of its color. Dull grout reflects poorly on your establishment and does equate to lost value appeal.

My Cleaner Inc. is your master of all cleaning trades when the scrubbing gets intense, but we’re good at sharing proven DIY grout-refreshing tips until the next professional call you make to us!

DIY Grout Refreshing Tips for Home

Tip #1: The Baking Soda Mix

Yes, it comes to this, but baking soda is prominent in many surfaces cleaning home remedies. Mix together 7 cups warm water, a half cup baking soda, a third of a cup of ammonia, and a quarter cup of white vinegar in a bucket. Use a sponge for dipping & scrubbing the tile grout, or dispense using a spray bottle. Let the solution stay on the tile grout, scrub the grout using a toothbrush. Wash off and towel dry. Ta-da! White grout!

Tip #2: Use Powdered Oxygen-Bleach

If you need an eco-friendly approach to grout whitening, then prepare bleach using the powdered variety and dispense the solution over the affected grout. Literally, keep soaking the floor with the solution. Let 15-20 minutes pass (actually, the longer, the better), then scrub using a brush. Rinse with water & dry. Ba-dm-tss! White grout!

Tip #3: Lemon Juice

So, if you have qualms about using ammonia and bleach, then life has lemons for you! And what do you do? You grab a kilo of real lemon and juice it out, then soak up the affected tiled floor in your residence. Let it sit for 15-45 minutes, depending on the state of the grout. Then scrub with a small brush. Rinse with warm water and mild detergent, then rinse. Eureka! White grout!

Commercial Grout Stain Removal

While our DIY tips are proven to be successful, they are far too impractical to be applied at the scale required for commercial grout cleaning. Professional grout cleaning services entail a surface sealant to protect the grout from debris from soles and visitor traffic. My Cleaner not only deals in such intensive grout cleaning & maintaining projects, but we also use EPA-approved cleaning products in our green cleaning technology.

If your commercial establishment in Bonita Springs is in dire need of a brightening of tiles & grout, then you know how to book with us as your knight of shining tiles!

Please do feel free to check our cornucopia of surface and accessory cleaning services, and don’t forget to get our comprehensive free estimates when booking our services availed to your lovely properties!