Most Effective Dryer Vent Safety Tips For Your Home

Most Effective Dryer Vent Safety Tips For Your Home

A cloth dryer is an important part of our homes but is usually overlooked when it comes to cleaning. But do you know, that hundreds of dryer vent fire accidents are reported each year, and it causes injuries, property loss, and deaths as well?

The small and useful equipment in your house can be dangerous for your family and home. But it can be avoided if you take proper care of your cloth dryer by regular cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning and maintenance will not only reduce the chances of fire accidents but also can help prolong the lifespan of your dryer and improve its efficiency by reducing cloth drying time.

An important aspect in cleaning and maintenance of your dyer is dryer vent cleaning. Dyer vents are responsible for the airflow that helps the cloth to dry. Here in this blog, we will discuss some effective dryer vent safety tips for your home.

Effective Dryer Vent Safety Tips

Inspect and Clean Lint Buildup

Lint buildup is one of the common problems with cloth dryers. With constant use, the lint and other debris particles accumulate in the dryer vent and prevent airflow. This can cause excess temperature and lead to fires. You should regularly check for lit buildup and clean it.

Check The Outer Part Of the Dryer Vent

Like the internal dryer vents, there are chances of the outer part of your dryer vent getting clogged because of lint, debris, and other things. Regularly check whether it is blowing hot air on not. If not, immediately unclog the router part and make the hot air flow smooth.

Get Professional Cleaning Done

No matter how thoroughly we clean our dryer vent on our own, we can not get the cleaning results as effectively as professionals. So experts recommend getting your dryer vents cleaned professionally once or twice a year. Professionals use the right cleaning methods and advanced equipment which effectively removes the lint, dirt, and debris accumulated in your dryer vents.

Use Rigid Metal Duct Work

The material of your dryer vent duct is a viral factor. Gone are those days when accordion-style dryer ducts were. They can not handle loads they easily damage even with regular use. On the other hand, rigid metal ducts are tough and great at handling loads of airflow.

Regular Inspection & Repair

There are chances of several damages or defects in your dryer vent. You should regularly inspect your dryer and vents to check for such defects and immediately fix them if found any.

Wrapping Up

Dryer vents can be hazardous if you overlook their cleaning and maintenance for a long time. Contrariwise regular cleaning and maintenance reduces the chances of fire accidents and improves the life of your dryer. Do not wait for any signs of cleaning. You should DIY cleaning every one or two months and professional dryer vent cleaning annually.

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