How Much A Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Cost?

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Dryer vents of the washing machine get clogged with dirt and debris even if they are used regularly with proper care. You need to clean these vents to get the smooth functioning of your clothes dryer.

The professional dryer vent cleaning service cost ranges between $90 to $450. As such this cost varies on different factors based on your requirements and also on your dryer vent condition.

Which signs show the necessity to go for dryer vent cleaning?

dryer vent cleaning service cost

  • When the laundry room remains warm than a normal condition.
  • The clothes come out of the dryer with a bad odor and in the much warmer situation than normal.
  • There occurs a rise in energy bills
  • Lint filter quickly fills up in an unusual manner.

Three Different Situations of  Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Cost

1. When the dryer vent is fully clogged

A fully clogged dryer vent is filled with the excess amount of lint, dirt, and debris in it. The professional cleaning of a fully clogged dryer vent can cost between $160-$200. Also, such dryer vents contain bird or rat dwelling in it.

2. When the wet lint is formed in dryer vents

The professional cost of drying the wet lint inside your vents ranges from $100-$300. You can also use a dryer vent cleaning brush kit to dry the lint at home on your own.

3. When the ducts are broken or the plastic hose is disconnected

You have to buy new ducts or plastic hose costing between $25-$28 for replacing the broken and disconnected ducts.

Apart from the above 3 costs, there are labor and enhancement costs included in your dryer vent cleaning service. Basically, one session of your professional dryer vent cleaning costs between $90 to $160. To enhance your dryer vent condition quality, you need to remove its bad odor and harmful microorganisms. It may cost you $50-$100.

Looking For Budget-friendly Dryer Vent Cleaning Service?

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