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Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning Service Company Cape Coral Florida

The whole world has gone organic and now My Cleaner the Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning Service Company in Cape Coral Florida is bringing the benefits of their revolutionary organic carpet cleaning system to homeowners throughout Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and Naples Florida.

You have probably heard dozens of claims coming from the dozens upon dozens of carpet cleaners in your area, but you have never heard or seen the facts about the incredibly effective Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning process from My Cleaner Inc.With the power of My Cleaner Carpet Cleaning Company and their proven organic cleaning method, here’s what you can expect:

Your carpet will be completely dry in minutes
All of your toughest stains and offensive odors will disappear permanently
There is no sticky residue left to deal with
The products are environment safe for pets and people
Our cleaning agents are free of harsh chemicals and 100 percent green.

Compare our advanced methods with those of many other carpet cleaning competitors. My Cleaner uses a high-tech, low moisture carpet cleaning system that will leave your carpet completely dry in 30 minutes. All your old stains will be gone permanently. Best of all, when dry, your carpets will continue to repel dirt, which means they will stay clean longer.

Here’s an important consideration: Many of the ads you see for inexpensive carpet cleaners can involve any amateur who can afford to rent a portable carpet cleaner . Those machines are hopelessly underpowered. Consequently, they leave large amounts of dirty water on your carpet.Dirt and grime are left behind to eventually dry partially. In the meantime, little microbes are left to thrive and grow in a carpet petri dish environment.

In a week or two when your carpet is somewhat dry, old stains appear, along with old smells. Your fly-by-night carpet cleaning unprofessional has disappeared deep into the safety of the Everglades. Never to return until the cash and beer are gone. Be careful before you hire someone who can’t be verified.

Here in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and Naples FL, we deal with high humidity all year long. Wet carpets add to that offensive humidity and promote mold and fungus growth. Doesn’t it make sense to use a low moisture carpet cleaning company like My Cleaner Inc.?

You have nothing to lose. In fact, My Cleaner offers a 100 percent guarantee on all their jobs. It doesn’t get any better. We are devoted to our cause and are intent on introducing our incredibly effective low moisture “Dry Organic” carpet cleaning process to every homeowner in our service area, which includes Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and Naples FL

As a special inducement for you to give us a try, My Cleaner is offering a 30 percent off special promotion to first-time customers. That discount can be used on any of our many in-home services including:

Deep Extraction Dry “Organic” Carpet Cleaning is the
better way to clean. It means No Wet Carpets, No Harsh Chemicals, No Kidding. Plus our “30 Day Clean Carpet” guarantee.

Area Rug Cleaning
My Cleaner offers proper care for your area rugs, including delicate oriental rugs.

Pet Stain & Odor Treatment
Our beloved pets have a way of stinking up a place. We have a way to eliminate that smell, stain and other unpleasant memories permanently. We can also remove tough odors left by tobacco smoke, urine, cannabis smoke and grow room odors. We won’t squeal on you either.

Tile & Grout Cleaning
When your toothbrush doesn’t cut it, we will. Ditch the brush and call us. Your tile and grout will never look better.

Upholstery Cleaning
We will deep clean your upholstered furniture and deodorize it too. That will prolong its life. We can clean and sanitize your car interior too.

Air Duct Cleaning
The tiny particles of nasty stuff that pass through your air ducts can build up and leave a trail of unhealthy particles in your ductwork and make a perfect environment for bacteria and germs to grow and spread throughout your system. Those nasty organisms can affect the quality of your indoor air. You have two options: Stop breathing or better yet call My Cleaner, the foremost Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning Service Company in Cape Coral Florida. Let us clean your ducts too. Breathe healthy again.

If you need more convincing about the merits of My Cleaner low moisture carpet cleaning, let’s talk about what else you can expect from our service driven company.

When our technicians say they will be at your home or business at 10 am, they mean it. Time is money and no one likes to waste either of these commodities. Our techs will text you a reminder and call when they are on the way.

Our professional carpet techs know their business. Every employee is certified, insured, well-trained, courteous and good looking too. They are professionals in the true sense of the word. Carpets will be deeply cleaned and dry. You will be pleased and satisfied.

Our guys never rush a job. They take whatever time they require to complete the job, like their moms and wives would prefer. I guess you might say we are all mama’s boys and we’re proud of that.

All hernias aside, we promise to move and replace your furniture as long as we don’t have to deal with grand pianos, bookcases, and safes,. We really prefer not to handle delicate heirlooms as our rough calloused hands don’t do well with Thumbelina collections. Your sofas, chairs and light furniture are easy for us to move at no additional cost.

Speaking of added costs, that practice is not allowed for any of our services. We all have fallen victim to pricing strategies that start off with a lowball number then increase with every incidental service. Our price is our bond. Our price quotes are exactly what you will pay to-the-penny. In other words, No Surprises! Are you surprised?

Our staff members do what is expected. They vacuum, pre spot and price your job at the best advertised special offer amount.

When we leave your home in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs or Naples FL, rest assured that My Cleaner Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning Service Company Cape in Coral Florida will leave your carpet, tile, furniture free of spots , stains and odors.

We like happy customers, so our 30 day Guarantee is our assurance that we will be back if for any reason you need us back. A phone call is all it takes. Our 30 Day Clean Carpet Guarantee assures you that we’ll return anytime you need us for the next 30 days to re-clean, spot-clean or do whatever it takes to make you happy.

To schedule an appointment with My Cleaner Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning Service Company of Cape Coral Florida, visit our website at Check out our customer reviews and Discover the Power of Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning.

Call us at (239) 333-5655 Monday thru Sunday from 8am to 8pm. For your added convenience, you can schedule your appointment online, anytime (24/7) at

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