Do’s and Don’ts of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Do's and Don'ts of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vents are a crucial part of your home, as they help the clothes dry faster by releasing hot air and moisture. However, improper maintenance of dryer vents can have severe consequences ranging from increased energy bills to house fires. To help prevent these issues, here we have listed the things you should and shouldn’t do while cleaning the dryer vents.

Do’s Of Dryer Vent Cleaning

⇒ Clean the lint Screen After Each Wash

Clean the lint screen every time you do the laundry. Keeping it clean will filter the dust and grime, prevent excessive lint buildup in the dryer vent, and help your dryer work in top condition. Also, we recommend deep cleaning the dryer lint trap at least once every six months to remove all the residue.

⇒ Disconnect Power Before Cleaning

Cleaning your dryer vents around active power outlets can be a potential fire and electrical hazard. So before you start cleaning the dryer vents, unplug all the chords from the area. If you have old gas dryers, check the knobs and ensure they are off. It ensures your safety and prevents accidents.

⇒ Invest In A Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

You should get the kits specially made for dryer vent cleaning. It includes flexible screw-connect cleaning rods, a vacuum adapter, a dryer adapter, and two different types of brush. This tool will help you reach deep into the vent line and remove lint. Also, you can pair it up with another extendable rod to further increase your reach.

⇒ Clean the Entire Vent Line

Another thing you should do while cleaning the dryer vent is to clean the entire vent line from the start to the exhaust vent. We have noticed many homeowners clean the dryer vents from the inside but leave the exhaust vent untouched, which results in lint accumulating quickly. So, in addition to cleaning the entire vent line, remove the dirt and dust from the exhaust vent.

⇒ Conduct Regular Inspections

We recommend checking your dryer vents at least once every year to ensure the smooth working of the dryer. It will help your clothes dry faster and prevent any potential fire hazards.

Don’ts Of Dryer Vent Cleaning

⇒ Bend The Duct

Never stretch or bend the duct excessively. The sharp bends created due to this may result in breakage of the duct, which can be very expensive to replace. Moreover, these bends create the perfect spots where extra dirt, dust, and lint gather, affecting the airflow and efficiency of the vent.

⇒ Ignore the Warning Signs

In our years of cleaning dryer vents, we have observed some signs for dryer vent cleaning that you shouldn’t ignore. It includes clothes taking longer to dry and smelling musty, with a noticeable burning smell and overflowing lint trap.

If you notice any of these signs, know that your dryer is long overdue for cleaning. You can use the DIY kit to clean your dryer vent or contact the experts for excessive lint buildup.

⇒ Use Duct Tape To Reattach

Using duct tape to patch up the damage in the dryer vent duct is a big no, despite the name. The heat from the vent can easily corrode the tape and reopen the kinks and cuts. Instead, you should use heat-resistant adhesives like aluminum tape for better re-attachment.

⇒ Neglect Regular Cleaning

You should never ignore or neglect cleaning the dryer vents at appropriate times. A little slip in your regularity can lead to decreased efficiency, restricted airflow, and lint build-up that can result in fire accidents.

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