Commercial Odor Removal & Sanitizing Services Cape Coral

Athletic Facilities Odor Removal Cape Coral

Fitness Facilities

Providing fitness facilities of all sizes a cleaner, safer workout, and training environment. Reduce the risk of surface-to-skin transmission of viruses and bacteria on high contact surfaces such as weight benches, bikes, elliptical handlebars and saddles, gym mats and sinks, and countertops. Dramatically reduce locker room odors and improve overall indoor air quality.


Autos, Truck & RV’s

Our professional odor removal service permanently, efficiently, and safely eliminates interior, a/c, and ventilation odors caused by tobacco, cigar, marijuana, vapes, pets, mildew, people, fuel, and more. Eliminate customer complaints from chlorine dioxide fogging, ozonation/ionization, odor bombs, cover-up fragrances, and masking agents. Always 100% guaranteed!


Apartments & Condos

Convert your releasable units into revenue-generating units in less than 4 hours. Before painting walls and ceilings hoping that new paint will forever hide a multitude of sins, stains, and smells; let OdorMD solve odor-causing issues before taking on that expense. We’ll eliminate paint and carpet removal as an odor solution and our services are always 100% guaranteed!



Has a guest smoking in a non-smoking room made it unacceptable to non-smokers? Our treatment eliminates odors at the source so all traces of residual odor from tobacco smoke, marijuana, pets, food, or people are permanently eliminated. Our room treatment leaves rooms ready to occupy in less than 2 hours and is always 100% guaranteed.

Commercial Offices

Providing offices of all sizes a cleaner, safer, odor-free working environment. Simply cleaning the office is often not enough. Permanently resolve lingering odor issues and improve the work environment and overall indoor air quality for your employees and customers. OdorMD treatment services are fast, efficient, affordable, and always 100% guaranteed.


PreSchools & Daycares

Providing daycare facilities of all sizes a cleaner, safer environment for both children and staff. Reduce the risk of surface-to-skin transmission of germs and bacteria on high contact surfaces such as tables, play equipment, toys, games, gym mats, and sinks and countertops. Dramatically reduce germs, odors and improve overall sanitization.

100% Odor Free Guaranteed

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