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Why It Is Always Profitable To Choose Professional Area Rug Cleaning?

If you want to add the warmth and character to your home, then choosing area rugs is the best option. They are responsible for adding beauty to every room of your property. But it is also one of the observable facts that area rugs accumulate dirt and debris. Through regular vacuuming, you can only [...]

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Best Area Rug Cleaning Tips For Christmas

Christmas is the annual festival in the United States and celebrated with lots of joy and happiness. Christmas is a great time for organizing get together and creates some great memories. Friends and relatives visit each other home and have a variety of food with wine and enjoy the party in the house. Stains [...]

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DIY- Area Rug Cleaning by My Cleaner

Eventually, the time comes when your area rug or removable rug needs more than just another vacuuming. In case stains are getting penetrated deep into the rug fibers with the dust, that means you really need to give some time for your rug. The best option is to hire a professional but it would [...]

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Importance of Rug Cleaning by My Cleaner – Cape Coral

We know that removing bacteria 100% is simply next to impossible, however curbing bacteria and keeping it at a manageable level, is within our control.  Many people do not consider the means of which dirt and germs are tracked into the home and how such germs become viral and airborne from the ground up. [...]

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How to Correctly Clean Your Area Rug

A neat and clean rug will increase the style and comfort of your home. However, area rugs especially in high traffic areas are usually exposed to wear and tear on a daily basis. They accumulate dust, dirt, odor due to smoke, pet accidents and spills. If you clean your area rug properly on daily [...]

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Benefits of Professional Rug Cleaning

People thinks their carpet is neat and clean if look like. However, they need to understand that the rug that seems to be clean but it hides thousands of dust mites and allergens that can trigger serious health issues to you and your family members. To get rid of it, the most important thing [...]

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How to Take Care of your Area Rugs?

Did you know there are a few simple steps you could take to extend the life of your beloved area rugs? Here is a list of tips, which will help you to take care of your area rugs and to keep any handmade rug in tiptop condition:   Regular Vacuum the rug Regular vacuuming will prevent dirt build [...]

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