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Call My Carpet Cleaner provides high-quality green carpet cleaning to Cape Coral and the Surrounding Areas. Call today to see how you can get clean, dry, and stain-free carpets backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Providing Carpet Cleaning Services in Cape Coral for Over 10 Years!

We are definitely a different kind of carpet cleaning company. Unlike other companies, we ensure we leave your carpet dry and stain-free. We accomplish this with our revolutionary low-moisture technology and our 30-Day 100% Clean Carpet Guarantee!

See why our customers choose Call My Carpet Cleaner for their carpet cleaning services in Cape Coral year after year!

Tired of paying good money and getting disappointing results?

Call My Carpet Cleaner’s revolutionary process is truly amazing. Spots will not come back because we eliminated the cause, which is getting the backing and pad wet. And our unique process deep cleans and removes high soil in entries, off kitchens, and in front of couches.

The end to long drying times.

Call My Carpet Cleaner’s unique process dries in only 60 minutes. You never have to turn on ventilation or open windows, and you can immediately walk on the carpet. That’s because Call My Carpet Cleaner’s amazing process cleans the carpet fiber, getting it moist but never wet, and never getting the backing or pad wet.

Green with great results.

Call My Carpet Cleaner’s unique static-attraction process will not only produce amazing results but uses environmentally-friendly products like our static-attraction formula that has no solvents or phosphates and only requires 6 ounces for an average size house.

Pet stains and odors.

Pet issues and accidents are a challenge. Call My Carpet Cleaner’s approach uses HEPA-rated vacuums to address the hair, spotter formulas to treat the stain, and our unique OCA product that will stop the smell immediately upon contact.


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iris guens
iris guens
Ed was there in the agreed time and worked thoroughly and efficiently. He is very friendly and professional. My carpets had stains from pet I had tried to remove myself but they had gotten worse, and they are now totally gone. The carpets look as new. Great service and done in no time
Veronica Reyes
Veronica Reyes
Very happy with the service provided. Ed was very efficient and professional. He made me feel very comfortable in the products used, they are all plant based & dog friendly!!
Ignacio Ortega
Ignacio Ortega
Did you know you could get your carpet cleaned without it smelling wet for days? I didn’t until I found Ed. Incredibly helpful and explained everything and finished the job without making too much noise!
Barry Feltmann
Barry Feltmann
I called and spoke with Ed. Set a appointment. I was at work when they did it. I was very pleased with the results. They were very professional, was priced as promised, and did outstanding service. I would absolutely recommend My Carpet Cleaner.
Ed Escobar
Ed Escobar
Ed has build an amazing company with amazing service!
Patricia Learned
Patricia Learned
Ed was professional and courteous, he explained everything he was doing to the carpet and how he was treating the stains left by my cats. The whole process took approximately 1 hour to complete and left my house smelling clean. I would definitely recommend Ed and his company to my friends. Thank you for doing a super job! Pat L. from Punta Gorda.
Miguel Cedeno
Miguel Cedeno
They are absolutely the best Odor Removal Company in Cape Coral. Ask for Ed. VRBO nightmare and ED did his thing with the NASA Gear, lol. The Marijuana Smell is gone. Thanks Ed for coming by in such short notice and cleaning my carpet and removing that foul marijuana odor. Thank you Sir.
Alyssa Kassandra
Alyssa Kassandra
I can't thank them enough! I contacted them because I had issues with the bad odors. I rented my home to a tenant who had 3 cats and a dog. The smells where insane. I live close to the beach and I tried everything, airing out the place and nothing. My Cleaner came out and clean my carpet and did his magic. No More BAD SMELLS. YES, YES, YES. I'm so happy and thankful.
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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Cape Coral FL

Carpets in your home experience high traffic daily, which causes massive soil and dirt particles. Eventually, these soil particles get trapped deep inside the carpet fibers and lead to wear and tear of the carpet. You can prevent this by regular vacuuming but not as effectively as professional cleaning. We have a team of trained and experienced cleaning technicians that can handle every carpet cleaning job effortlessly. We use the advanced low moisture cleaning method and green cleaning supplies that ensures effective cleaning without causing any damage to your carpet. Call today or book online for a free quote for getting your carpets cleaned in Cape Coral and the surrounding areas!

Carpet Cleaning services Cape Coral

We Provide Carpet Cleaning in Cape Coral FL!

Call My Carpet Cleaner is proud to provide carpet cleaning in Cape Coral, FL, and the surrounding areas! Click the button below to see our service areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Stains Return So Quickly After Steam Cleaning?

When liquid spills occur they quickly go beyond the carpet and absorb into the pad and subfloor underneath. The steam cleaning process gets the carpet backing, pad, and floor wet but is unable to clean it effectively since a thick carpet is laying over it. After steam cleaning the dried stain underneath the carpet is now re-activated and will wick up through the wet carpet over a period of hours or days of drying. Call my Carpet Cleaner’s unique process never gets the carpet backing, pad, or subfloor wet, therefore completely eliminating this problem. Consider us your residential and commercial carpet cleaning company, and you’ll realize the dramatic difference in quality and results.

Why Steam Cleaning Leaves A Musty Odor?

During the steam cleaning process, the pad and subfloor underneath the carpet get wet. When the carpet becomes dry, moisture trapped underneath in the pad and subflooring can remain damp for days, allowing mold and bacteria to grow. Call My Carpet Cleaner’s ultra-low moisture process never gets the pad or subfloor wet or moist, eliminating any potential for a musty smell.

Why Steam Cleaning Leaves Your Carpet ‘Crunchy’?

Have you ever noticed that your carpet feels “crunchy” after it’s been steam cleaned? Or if you use a spotter product to remove a stain you end up with stiff fibers in the area you cleaned? That’s because the cleaning product was not rinsed out and leaves residues that make the carpet fiber stiff and can re-attract soil quickly. The steam cleaning method uses pre-sprays, which are concentrated cleaning products, and when not rinsed out thoroughly will cause carpet fibers to be stiff and can re-attract soil. Call My Carpet Cleaner’s unique process never uses pre-sprays, and our spotter product does not have a residue issue. That’s why your carpet will be soft and will stay clean much longer.

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