Best Hospital Cleaning Guidelines For Covid-19

Best Hospital Cleaning Guidelines For Covid-19

The novel coronavirus has spread across the world like a forest fire. This virus spreads easily when you come in contact with someone infected with it. So, where will these infected people go to for a cure? Yes, you are right, they will go to the hospital. Therefore, it becomes important to clean hospitals properly so that this virus doesn’t affect the staff.

So, what places are important for disinfection during the COVID-19 pandemic? Well, all the areas are important. One cannot miss out on cleaning any hospital area. You can follow the below hospital cleaning guidelines for covid-19 to help you create a cleaning regime for your hospital.

Hospital Cleaning Guidelines For Covid-19 That You Should Know About

♦ General Cleaning

⇒ Start the cleaning process from cleaner areas to dirtier ones.
⇒ Clean the surfaces that people touch more often like counters, doorknobs, lighting fixtures, staircase handles thoroughly and frequently.
⇒ Clean the public spaces at least once a day. For better hygiene purposes, clean them every 2-4 hours.
⇒ Don’t use the same equipment for both public and employee areas.
⇒ Sanitizing the areas after the completion of the cleaning process.
⇒ Wear protective gear when you are cleaning the hospital surfaces.
⇒ Have separate bins to discard bio and non-bio hazardous waste items.
⇒ Clean and sanitize all the cleaning equipment after completing the cleaning.
⇒ If you use permanent gloves, then clean them carefully. Besides that, also clean your work clothes at the workplace itself.

♦ Washroom Cleaning

⇒ Use disposable gloves when cleaning washrooms in hospitals. When cleaning the toilet bowl, wear long protective gloves which reach the elbow. Plus, sanitize the gloves and keep them in their own space in your cleaning cart. They shouldn’t touch any cleaning equipment or solutions.
⇒ Clean and sanitize the washroom’s doorknobs, mirror, walls, countertops, sinks, bidet shower, taps, lighting fixtures, taps, and soap dispenser.
⇒ Apply a small amount of detergent to toilet seats, toilet lid, and on the sides of the toilet bowl. Use a brush to clean it. Close the lid and flush to clean off the clean the insides of the toilet.
⇒ After you clean the washroom, make sure not to touch any surfaces. Use paper towels to touch and open the washroom door.
⇒ Wipe the toilet floor with a floor cleaning solution that can also kill germs and bacterias.

♦ Cleaning Areas Previously Occupied By COVID Patient

⇒ Clean the room when the patient isn’t inside the room. Ventilation helps to air out the virus from the area.
⇒ Wear a proper PPE kit before you start the cleaning process.
⇒ Use only those cleaning equipment that you can clean easily. If possible, use disposable cleaning equipment such as wipes to clean the rooms.
⇒ When conducting the cleaning, use only simple cleaning methods. Plus, use disinfectant after cleaning all the surfaces.
⇒ Put all the waste in a separate cleaning bag, close the bag tightly, and dispose of it immediately.
⇒ As for the bedding, blankets, pillow covers, clean all of them in really hot water to kill the virus present in them. Use a disinfectant laundry detergent for the same.

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