For a great carpet cleaning job, depending on the area’s best Cape Coral carpet cleaning company. If you live in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Naples, you know to call My Cleaner in Cape Coral when it’s time to give your carpet a fresh new look.

There are plenty of so-called carpet cleaning companies around the area, but only one known for its “organic dry clean” process. Unlike the others, My Cleaner does not depend on the torrents of water to get the job done. We have a much better alternative for the invasive truck-mounted systems you have seen. Our vastly improved method requires just a fraction of what most companies use. That means that your carpet will dry quickly and be ready for use in a fraction of the time, without that lingering “wet dog” odor a damp carpet can leave.

A traditional truck-mounted cleaning system will use up to 200 gallons of steaming water on a 1000 sq, ft carpet. They are only able to extract a little over 85 % of it. That means there are still almost 30 gallons of liquid left behind which includes leftover chemical residue. Compare that to the total of 2-3 gallons we use which includes natural green, safe non-toxic chemicals, that are detergent free and hypoallergenic. If you have young children who spend time crawling on your carpet, you can surely appreciate that.

Even more impressive is that our organic process is free of the toxins and heavy chemical smell some cleaning agents leave behind. Deep spots and stubborn stains can be more easily located by our technicians and then removed. These are just a couple of reasons why our repeat customers think we are the Best Cape Coral Carpet Cleaning Company.

Over time, My Cleaners has earned the trust and confidence of hundreds of homeowners as well as a growing number of businesses and commercial enterprises. That has allowed us to move into a number of other essential related home service fields.

Tile & Grout Cleaning
That can be a tedious and difficult undertaking. Grout can pick up many hard to clean stains from spills to ground in dirt. My Cleaners has the equipment and experience to restore your tiles’ luster and freshen up the grout. It’s a far more thorough approach than using your old toothbrush to scrub the grout. Your old ceramic or marble floors will come out looking showroom fresh.

Area Rug Cleaning
Your area rugs, even the most delicate kind can be cleaned right in your home. Our safe toxin-free methods are perfect for the situation Our green chemicals are easy on the rug fabrics and will restore the vivid colors to a “like new” status.
Pet Stains & Odor
Animals occasionally have problems, especially the young pups who have not been completely trained. Not to worry. Our crews know how to remove both the stains and odors. Experience, equipment, and the best products work. Count on the Best Cape Coral Carpet Cleaning Company To take care of pet problems-guaranteed.

Upholstery Cleaning
Your upholstered furniture takes a beating too. Over time it absorbs perspiration, spills, food stains, and any number of accidental mishaps that can leave soil on the surface. Those particles sink deep into the fabric and require professional assistance to remove them and actually add more years to the life of the furniture.

Air Duct Cleaning
Every bit of your home’s air goes through your duct system. Cooking odors, dust, insects, smoke particles and moisture will accumulate and leave behind a very unhealthy vent surface that can harbor all sorts of germs, disease, mildew, and mold. , My Cleaners And their high-powered equipment can clean those vents and free them of those irritants.

Odor Removal
Odors are caused by the breakdown of organic substances that emit the gases responsible for the odor. By sanitizing an area near the smell, we can permanently remove the germs and contaminants that cause odors.
Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Best Cape Coral Carpet Cleaning Company is one of the most prominent full-service companies in the gulf coast because they consistently deliver on their promises. We offer an exclusive “30 day Clean Carpet Guarantee” on their services. If you are not fully satisfied, they will return and reclean any area you feel that requires additional attention.

We aim to completely satisfy every customer and promise to do our best on any project we take on. A satisfied customer is a repeat customer. Our goal is that you will spread our name around to friends and relatives in need of carpet cleaning or any of the other specialties we can help you with. Take advantage of our special savings coupons, and our offer to clean up to three rooms, up to 350 sq. ft. for only $98.

Questions? Or To Schedule an exact “To The Penny Quote,” call the Best Cape Coral Carpet Cleaning Company in the area, My Cleaner Monday thru Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm. For your added convenience, you can schedule your appointment online, at your convenience (24/7).

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