Christmas is the annual festival in the United States and celebrated with lots of joy and happiness. Friends and relatives visit each other’s houses and have a variety of food with wine and other drinks at parties. Stains are obvious when there is a party or you have pets in your home. 

Red wine stains are one of the toughest stains to deal with and these stains usually occur during your home parties. Right? I am sure many of you have faced this situation before. So, here we come with the best area rug cleaning tips for Christmas to solve all your problems.

Do You Know Everyone Needs Area Rug Cleaning Tips?

Last Christmas, I have been in a similar unfortunate situation at my house. When a close friend of mine spilled a full glass of red wine all over my custom-made rug. I had to pay a huge amount at the time of purchase as it was a custom-made rug and it was bought just before Christmas eve. 

I saw that the wine spillage happened in a slow-motion way and then spread everywhere on the rug area. Immediately after this spillage, I used club soda on the rug to clean the blotting of spillage. The red stain still prevails in the rug area.

To remove the red stain, I poured some salt on the rug area and let it sit. As salt has a property to absorb the wine stain and pulls it out of the rug fibers, so used it.

Here are the quick area rug cleaning tips and tricks…

  1. Pour some white wine over red wine stain. White wine is great at neutralizing the red wine to lift off from your area rug.  
  2. Sprinkle around 1/4″ thick layer of salt over the spill. If the 1/4″ of salt is wet, then you can pour more salt based on the stain level.
  3. Leave the sprinkled salt for a night or until it gets completely dry. In my case, some parts also turned into a peanut brittle type substance.
  4. Remove salt from the carpet by picking up the hard dry pieces and then do the vacuuming.

As Christmas Eve is near so there are chances that you become the next victim for the red wine stain. Either you can follow the 4 tips mentioned above or you can avail the professional cleaning in your location for heavy stains.

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