The couch upholstery in your house absorbs all the oils and hairs left by your pets. Removing these hard stains from the upholstery is not an easy task for any homeowner. Moreover, your upholstery is more sensitive than carpet, and so its color can fade easily.

Hence, the sofa in your house plays the role of a playground for your children and pets. It leaves a lot of mud, stains, and debris. If you hire professional upholstery cleaning services, then they take proper care of fabrics while cleaning.

So let’s take a small glimpse of how the cost of upholstery cleaning changes based on different types of stains and fabric.

Three Factors Affecting Cost of Upholstery Cleaning

1. Depending on the size

The price of cleaning your upholstery depends on the size of it. Suppose if you want to get your armchair upholstery clean, then the cost will be between $30 to $50. However, people pay $50 to $60 for a small couch and $100 to $150 for a larger couch.

2. Types of upholstery furniture

The cost of cleaning your upholstery also varies based on the type of furniture.

  • Sofa: $80-$120
  • Dining chair: $35-$45
  • Recliner: $40-$50
  • Ottoman: $30-$50

So, all the types of upholstery pieces have different prices of cleaning.

3. Enhancement and improvement costs

There are many cleaners or furniture stores that offer a protective sealant to your upholstery. The sealant protects the upholstery from future damage. This service costs around $75-$150. Also, the DIY Scotchgard fabric protector cost is between $10-$20.

What Is The Average Cost Of Upholstery Cleaning

Looking For Professional Upholstery Cleaning Under Your Budget?

There are many solutions available in the market for upholstery cleaning. You can even prepare a solvent at home for cleaning. But, always use a chemical-free solvent for cleaning at home. However, it is tough to handle cleaning with your busy work schedule.

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