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Basic Ways TO Keep Your Carpet Clean

Carpet is the precious object which makes your house look beautiful and attractive. Many people are not treating their carpets as an investment, but trust us it is an investment which makes you and your home feel warm. My Cleaner as a professional carpet cleaning company takes pride to clean your carpets with an [...]

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Pet Stains and Odor Removal Simple DIY Solutions

If you are a pet owner, you know that accidents happen. There is just no getting around it. When your loving pet leaves their mark on your carpet, you could call a professional carpet cleaning company specializing in pet stains and odor removal. If you are up to the task, and you are prepared, you [...]

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Yes ….Tile and Grout Cleaning Is Required

Grout is a cement that fills the gap between your tiles. It is perpetually found in kitchens, hallways or bathrooms of commercial properties. Grout is an important part of flooring as it keeps the tile in its place and also seals the flooring to avoid leakage. It is also difficult to clean the grout [...]

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Odor Removal Issues and Solutions

An odor or fragrance is always a creation by one or more chemical compounds. Odors or fragrance both are refers as pleasant or unpleasant odors. The term like aroma and fragrance is considerable for pleasant odor. In contrast, stink, reek and pong generally used to describe unpleasant odors. Clean and beautiful carpets increase beauty [...]

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My Cleaner’s DIY Steps for Air-Duct Cleaning

Do you know the air you inhale in your house is of good or bad quality? If your answer is bad quality, you need air duct cleaning right now. If you want to give a self-try, you can clean it on yourself by following My Cleaner’s DIY steps for air duct cleaning: Cover the [...]

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Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

The most important part of keeping the house clean and bacteria free is by upholstery cleaning. You should never ignore upholstery in Cape Coral home or office where majority of dust and viruses gather. It is essential to keep in mind that any corner of the upholstery not left while regular vacuuming and cleaning. [...]

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Importance of Rug Cleaning by My Cleaner – Cape Coral

We know that removing bacteria 100% is simply next to impossible, however curbing bacteria and keeping it at a manageable level, is within our control.  Many people do not consider the means of which dirt and germs are tracked into the home and how such germs become viral and airborne from the ground up. [...]

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Fabric Sofa Cleaning Facts by My Cleaner

Fabric sofas have a great look and can be especially cozy. They can also be a major nightmare when it comes to cleaning. However, spills happen from time to time and, unless you adorn your couch with those beautiful plastic covers, you are going to need to know fabric sofa cleaning facts. Reclaim your [...]

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Tips to Remove Cooking Odor 2018

What you do when you have planned to sell your house, but your real estate agent tells that it smells very badly with cooking odors? You might think that a good professional cleaning would do the trick. Sadly, that is not enough. Cooking odors gets trapped in appliances, ventilation system, on walls and ceiling, [...]

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Shower Waterproofing? Is it Important?

Waterproofing plays a vital role in the bathrooms where there is the possibility of water leakages. It includes painting a liquid rubber membrane, which creates a sealed area. It is very useful at tiles or grouts because water leak out is possible. Waterproofing helps at outdoors as well like at a tiled balcony. Water [...]

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