Common Air Duct Issues Homeowners Face In Cape Coral And How To Address Them

Common Air Duct Issues Homeowners Face In Cape Coral

The air ducts or the HVAC systems help to make your place hotter when it is cold outside and colder when it is warm outside. Appropriate functioning of the air ducts provides a healthy and comfy environment.

But many homeowners in Cape Coral have been complaining about the improper functioning of the air ducts. It is a must to keep the air ducts clean and well-maintained to improve the indoor air quality and give you a pleasant stay.

In this blog, we have discussed a few common issues faced by the homeowners in Cape Coral and simple ways to fix them.

Six Common Air Duct Issues & Their Solutions

1) Improper Design

The most common issue faced by homeowners is an improper air duct design. Improper design decreases the efficiency of the air ducts.

It leads to major energy loss, inappropriate room temperature, and more cost in energy bills. The design affects both the heating as well as the cooling process in the room.

Possible Solution:

Install the appropriately designed air ducts and have a relevant size with the help of our professional. They will check whether the HVAC system’s design, size, and functions are suitable for your home and refer you to get the best one.

2) Air Leakages

If the air ducts are not properly sealed or the connections in the air ducts become loose, then it leads to air leakage which affects the airflow inside the room.

Sometimes unfitting installation might also be a reason for air leakage. The indoor air quality is impacted because of the dirt and allergens entering in the system due to the leaks.

Possible Solution:

Perform regular checks and seal the leaks if any of them are visible to prevent the air leakage issue. Do an air leakage test by yourself to identify the loose fittings, holes or leaks. Move your hand along the air duct to feel the air loss. And apply a duct tape to seal the gaps or minor wear and tear.

3) Blocked Air Flow

Twists, crushes, kinks, and various other issues in the air ducts restrict the airflow. A flexible air duct flows the air effectively through the whole system.

Due to the impairment in the air duct, you can see frequent breakdowns, harder to function, and ultimately reduces the lifespan. Blocked air flow disturbs the even temperature and provides discomfort in your own place.

Possible Solution:

Ensure that the air ducts are properly installed to prevent the blocked air flow. Check the air vents regularly and ensure that they are clean and open to avoid the blockage. If there is an uneven air flow, then consult an HVAC expert who could fix the issues.

4) Dirty Air Ducts

Many impurities such as dust, pollens, pests, molds, and more are formed in the air ducts. If they are not removed or cleaned thoroughly, then it affects the air flow and indoor air quality of the room.

The air becomes impure and might cause severe health issues. It may happen that the quality of the indoor air gets worse than the air outside.

Possible Solution:

We suggest you schedule regular cleaning and maintenance of the furnaces, air filters, and air ducts to remove all the dirt and let the system function effectively.

Use a broom or vacuum cleaner to clear the dust particles and long-handled brushes to reach out higher or hard-to-reach places.

You can also hire an expert who will conduct professional air duct cleaning using the latest tools and techniques. They ensure that the air ducts are thoroughly cleaned and retain them to improve the air quality and increase the efficiency.

5) Poor Insulation

If the air ducts are not well-insulated, then the money you have invested is all in vain. A proper insulation of the air duct system ensures effective warm or cool air circulation in your room.

Poor insulation leads to the loss of air through the walls before it reaches you. To cover up the loss, your system might consume more energy and reduce its efficiency.

Possible Solution:

Hire a professional to have your ducts properly inspected to avoid the poor insulation. Experts ensure that the air ducts are correctly installed for appropriate insulation and increased efficiency. In case of damages or improper insulation, they assure to replace the air ducts.

6) Debris And Moisture Build-up

You can see the formation of debris and moisture when the air ducts are unclean, improperly sized, poorly ventilated, high humidity levels, dirty air filters, and much more.

Debris can block the passage of air, and moisture can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. There are many effective ways to get rid of the molds and dirt and debris.

Possible Solution:

Reduce the humidity level and thoroughly clean the air ducts to avoid moisture and debris buildup. You can also place dehumidifiers and regularly clean the air ducts to prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris, mold, and mildew.

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