Do not hurry while choosing the professional air duct cleaners near you. This is because you can’t afford to invest money in something you don’t have knowledge of.

It is very essential for you to gain details about duct cleaning experts to get satisfactory service results. Here is the air duct cleaning question to ask the experts. It helps you choose the best air duct cleaning company.

Air Duct Cleaning Question To Ask The Experts Before Hiring

1. Do you make the use of Duct-Cam?

Using the video camera into the ducts before any cleaning work begins will allow you to examine the accumulation of dust and debris in the duct. Also, once the cleaning completes, you can verify the experts’ cleaning and disinfecting job with this duct-cam.

2. Are you making additional duct access points?

Normally, it is not possible to perform duct cleaning, just using register and grate openings. So, it is essential to create additional access points to accommodate a cleaning device. If the professional you are thinking to hire does not create additional access points, then it is not possible to clean the ducts thoroughly. Therefore, this is an important duct cleaning question to ask.

Air Duct Cleaning

3. Do you disinfect the ducts once cleaning completes?

Once the experts remove all the dust and debris from your dust, it is important to mist the entire air duct system with industry-grade disinfectant to disinfect and sanitize. Ask the experts regarding the usage of a solution whether it is organic spray or a toxic one. With eco-friendly spray, one can remove the harmful mold from the duct while releasing zero toxins in the environment.

Wrapping Up

Consider all these air duct cleaning questions to ask the experts before hiring. It will ensure you a perfect cleaning result. If you are already in search of a professional air duct cleaning expert in Cape Coral, then My Cleaner is your one-stop destination. We are dedicated to providing quality duct cleaning and disinfecting services within time and budget. For further details, contact us at (239) 333-5655 or follow us on Facebook.