It may surprise you that even if you regularly change the air filter in your home’s HVAC return air ducts, your vents will still accumulate a surprising amount of dust and dirt that will circulate through your ductwork and fill your home with dust particle.

There are problems that result from your home’s dirt-catching vents, problems that can affect your allergies and your health in general because of the potentially dangerous bacteria buildups that are contained and circulated in the dusty air then passed through your air vents.

These minute particulates can be seen circulating in your rooms when your blower is turned on to heat or cool your space. The dust and airborne dirt particles eventually end up on every flat surface of your living and work areas. That is not a particularly appealing outcome as most families strive to bring their air quality to a higher standard with a constant supply of fresh air.

Incidentally, that dust you see is usually made up of unpleasantries like:

  • Second-hand smoke
  • Allergens
  • Drywall Dust
  • Animal and human dander
  • Cooking vapors and grease
  • Pollen

Most people suffer some reaction from the many contaminants in the air.

That suffering can amount to heavy sneezing, teary eyes, coughing, skin irritations, rashes, and symptoms often compared to the flue. It is often much worse for younger children and babies whose delicate systems offer little protection against those air impurities. In fact, the irritations caused by dirty air can carry through into their adult lives. Why take a chance? Air Duct Cleaning Cape Coral Florida can improve the quality of your indoor air quickly and affordable.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

The best way to attain that desired level of quality air is to regularly have your air ducts cleaned professionally by My Cleaner, a Cape Coral Air Duct Cleaning Service. Our company is the only professional Duct cleaner in Cape Coral, Fort Myers FL, Boynton Beach FL, Naples FL, Estero and Fort Myers Beach that uses the widely acclaimed My Cleaner Duct Cleaning System.

Other companies that claim to be effective duct cleaners fall short of their objectives. In most cases, they fail to reach hard to reach nooks and crannies and the dramatic bends and curves that are present in most vent systems. In fact, they simply dislodge the settled dust only to have it resettle in another part of your ductwork. This revolutionary system utilizes the finest state of the art advanced technology and the best equipment, most of which custom made for this specific task. Why then trust your system to the neighborhood handyman with a portable vacuum cleaner.

If you are wondering how you can determine if your ducts need cleaning, there is a simple test. Are you sneezing and wheezing inside your home?

Can you see dust in the air and on your furniture soon after dusting?

Those are two signs that dust is getting the best of you.

Our state of the art Air Duct Cleaning Cape Coral Florida company will restore your heating and air conditioning systems including all mechanical components and ducts to a like-new state, as clean as the day the system left the factory.

There is no need for you and your family to breathe polluted air in your home again. Call the pros at Air Duct Cleaning Cape Coral Florida at (239) 333-5655
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