Affordable Pet Odor Removal Service Cost in Cape Coral

Pet Odor Removal Service Cost

Odor removal is one of the trickiest and tough tasks in the restoration process. Most of the damage is clearly visible to the eye, and when it’s properly remediated, there is no discussion and the job is done. Nevertheless, the odor is very psychological in nature. As a human, we often associate smells with memories. It means before someone enters their grandparent’s home, they may have the sweet smell of pipe tobacco embedded in their memory, and the moment they step into that home, they smell pipe tobacco, whether the smell is there or not.

Now the next question is how to deal with pet odor. Here our experts have shared steps for cat odor removal. Here we have answered a few questions which people usually have. Moreover, following these steps, you can save your pet odor removal service cost.


#1. Firstly, locate the stained area using a black light, this is called a pet odor inspection. The use of black light shows the stains that a human cannot see using a naked eye. Concentrate on the stains and markdown so you don’t miss it while cleaning treatment.

Finding Cat Urine Smell using a UV black light to locate urine stains

#2. Solutions: There are many online odor removal products being sold to remove the cat urine smell and you can use your favorite. Just avoid products that contain soap! If you want our expert advice on how to remove cat urine smell? Go with vinegar, it is easily available in the market. Make sure odor removal products are only for maintenance purposes and most are not designed for deep odor remediation. If this has been an ongoing problem call a professional to prevent spreading urine and moisture into subflooring, baseboards & drywall.

How to remove cat urine smell when cleaning products don’t work?

#3. Tools: if you read the maker’s instructions on most of the products the recommended tool of choice is a cloth towel or paper to blot up urine and moisture. But if you want to know how to remove cat urine smell as professionals do, you will need a wet and dry vacuum which can be bought at your local hardware shop at affordable rates. Additionally, you will also require pliers, a utility knife & plastic sheeting.

How to eliminate cat urine smell on the carpet?

#4. Prepare the surface: We suggest disengaging the carpet removing the soiled portion of the pad and any damaged tack strips. Lay plastic sheeting over the subfloor, pull the carpet back in place. If there is severe urine damage then carpet removal is a must.

How to eliminate cat urine from the subfloor?

#5. The initial step is to rinse: Using the wet and dry vacuum and a 1 part mix of your favorite product or vinegar with 4 parts of warm water pour the solution onto the stained area and let soak into the carpet the extract thoroughly repeat this step until 3-5 times or more if needed to remove the physical urine from the carpet.

How to remove cat urine smell?

#6. Overnight soaking treatment: So now most of the urine has been rinsed from the carpet you can now apply your favorite products as instructed on the bottle of undiluted vinegar to the affected area lay a sheet of plastic over the top of the carpet and let stand for 24 hours.

#7. Final rinse: remove the solution with wet and dry vacuum till most of the moisture has been removed then pour warm water on the area and extract repeat two to three times as needed then check for cat pee smell. If no odor is detected using a fan to speed up the drying process.

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