About Us

My Cleaner Inc. is a truly innovative carpet cleaning company. Our focus is on solving the most pressing carpet cleaning issues faced by our customers, including:

  • The carpet is too wet after cleaning so it takes too long to dry;
  • The stains reappeared once the carpet was finally dry;

We figured it makes complete sense to try to resolve these issues. So, we became the first cleaning service in Cape Coral that uses the cutting-edge, low-moisture carpet cleaning system.

With this modern, low moisture carpet cleaning system, carpets dry in 60 minutes. Stains also don’t reappear after being removed. The carpets remain clean for more extended periods as compared to cleaning by traditional methods.

Why Choose My Cleaner Inc.?
100% Odor Free Guarantee
Say goodbye to those awful pet odors or baby accidents.

Eco-Friendly Service
Our service is environment-friendly, and our products are natural, non-toxic, detergent-free, hypoallergenic.

Transparent Pricing
Our pricing is completely transparent, without any up-sell or add-ons.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
We offer a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job we perform.