Tips to Prolong Your Carpet’s Life

7 Tips to Prolong Your Carpet’s Life

It is a common rule with most of the things in life, the better you treat, the longer you can enjoy its presence. It is obvious that the carpet is going to face the wear and tear of everyday life. Certainly, the more care and attention you give them the longer they live. So, it is vital to take care of them with some professional tips to Prolong Your Carpet’s Life.

One of the biggest benefits of the new ranges of vinyl planks is that you can easily replace individual planks if they get damaged, but that is not the case with carpets, which means that prevention and quick response is required to stop unsightly stains.

Here are some checklists for making the most of your carpets.

  1. Select the appropriate fiber: Some fibers are more hard-wearing and more stain-resistant than others fibers. If you have a hectic schedule or busy family and pets, it is better you select a fabric that can perform well even under a constant barrage of feet and spillages.
  2. Select the correct style: The bigger or higher the carpet pile is, the more difficulty in vacuuming and a huge area where particles of dirt can accumulate and rub the fiber constantly at the base of your carpet.
  3. Look for a warranty: Most of the synthetic carpets will have similar stain warranties guaranteeing performance to deal with food and beverage spills only, and some of them also cover pet urine. Learn what your carpet is capable of dealing with before you begin and you’ll have a perfect idea of how to clean your carpet.
  4. Restrict dirt from entering the indoor: The smallest particles of dirt can get penetrated into your carpet within some time and they will start ruining the fiber from its roots. If you want to prolong the life of your luxurious and exotic carpets, utilize doormats to wipe shoes.
  5. Move around your furniture: Carpet can get damage by handling the furniture weight for the longest time. So, keep on rotating your carpet to maintains the look of your carpet. Give them some rest and time by shifting or rotating them.
  6. Daily vacuuming: Vacuuming is vital: Vacuum your carpet twice a week in the high traffic areas and once a week in the rest of the carpet areas. The issue with dirt and oils is that they attract more dirt and oils using your vacuum cleaner properly. Set it at the right location and pass it over the fiber slowly. This will suck all the dust and will also protect the fibers from damage.
  7. Professional steam cleaning: Make sure you have a professional steam cleaning twice a year. Professional cleaning gives 100% results. Further, Professional steam cleaning plays a vital role to prolong your carpet’s life.

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