Ways to Maintain The Prolonged Life of Carpets

Tips to Prolong your Carpets Life

Carpets add aesthetic value to your home, along with adding warmth and comfort. Due to the accumulation of dirt, debris, stains, and high foot traffic, carpets experience regular wear and tear.

If the carpets are left unclean, then their lifespan reduces. Thus, it is mandatory to regularly keep your carpets clean and maintain the same for better longevity. Read this blog to learn a few tips that help you to prolong your carpet’s life.

Seven Tips to Prolong your Carpets Life

1. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming the carpets helps to remove all the dust and debris from the carpets. Use proper vacuum cleaners that collect dirt and allergens and cause zero damage to the carpet fibers.

Regular vacuuming keeps the carpet fibers in good condition and protects them from dirt and bacteria. Vacuum the areas of the carpet twice a week if they have high traffic, or else once a week works well.

2. Ban Footwears

As the carpet experiences high foot traffic, all the dirt from the footwear accumulates and tangles into the carpet fibers.

Banning footwear inside your place will protect your carpets from the pile of dust and other remains that come along with the footwear. You can also place doormats where anyone entering your property must wipe off the shoes to prevent dirt and germs.

3. Shift Furniture

Move the furniture from higher traffic areas to the lower ones as they can get damaged if kept for long periods.

If you shift the furniture to other sides of the carpet, then the weight of the furnishings gets equally distributed and prevents damage to the carpet. Moving will also remove the dents formed on the carpet and retain its original shape.

4. Use Furniture Pads

As heavy furniture leaves dents or certain marks on the carpet, use furniture pads to protect your carpets from such spots. Place them below the legs of the sofa, tables, chairs, etc., and prevent your carpets even if the furniture is moved often. These pads help in equalizing the weight of the furniture.

5. Treat Immediate Spills and Stains

Clean the accidental spills and stains as soon as you notice them. Spills and stubborn stains become hard to remove if they are kept unclean for a long time. They can also stay on the carpets permanently.

When you observe a spill, use a clean cloth and blot it until the spill disappears. If the spills turn into tough stains, use different cleaning methods to remove the stains from the carpets wholly.

6. Choose Right Carpets

Install the carpets having suitable fibers, colors, and styles at your place. Select appropriate fibers, as some are more hard-wearing and stain-resistant than others. Select a fabric that can perform well even under a constant barrage of feet and spillages.

Choose the carpets while keeping in mind the high and low-traffic areas at your place. The more suitable carpet you choose, the longer lifespan it will have.

7. Hire a Professional

Even after trying all the cleaning methods, there are some instances where you might obtain unacceptable results. Minor damage to the carpets causes wear and tear and will decrease their lifespan.

Thus, hire an expert to save your carpets and increase their longevity. There are many advantages of carpet cleaning. Professionals at Call My Carpet Cleaner usually perform steam cleaning to clean the carpets. Call us at (239) 333 5655 today and book our services to acquire clean carpets with a longer lifespan.

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